“Psychic Blog Moment Realness #PsychicMoment”

The WItching Hour is: 5:26

I am listening to: Crystal Ball by Keane

So we are just going to have a short post tonight, but this is just affirming that we have a very strange life.

Curtis and I made a 4AM trip to Walmart for printer ink and cheese sticks. (Worth It.)

And saw a gorgeous MOON-SET from the side window of our car. I’ve never seen a moon set before, but my glory it was beautiful. So we got home, Sonic Blasts and Cheese in hand, and I was scoping through Ebay for marketable antiques.

Suddenly I turn to Curtis and say “Hey Buddy… you know what would be perfect? A dating site called eBae. Like.. you find your e- bae?” He looked at me and just left the room laughing. So me, not liking to have my jokes ruined, looked up eBae for giggles. Guess what was just started this month? Ebae. Haha! Curtis said I had to post about this oddity that is our daily existence, so here you go! A nugget of psychic or maybe just twenty-something oddity from our end. Peace, Love, Joy, and a lot of cheese sticks to ya!

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