An Expansion Into Nothing

An Expansion into Nothing
The beginning.
A bang.
A surge of force.
Where some things moved out, up, down, back and front.
Spread out to explore.

To expand.
Always moving, flowing, growing.
Reaching farther, higher, climbing.

An obstacle.
A part of the whole.
An obstinate particle.
Obtrusive, stable, molecule.
Obsolete standing fool.

A wave.
A vibration.
Experience of creation.
A force of interrogation against stagnation.

The truth, is in finding.
Pushing, winding, grinding, divining.
Pulling, schooling, journeys with timing.

To brighten.
Find a way in, the light out of sight,
That climbs in time,
To stand still and shine.

In the end finding,
That push, pull, jerk,
Is winding up!

Until so far apart they stand.


Silent in chorus, unifying.
This expansion into nothing,
With difference of a memory,
Of what was, has, is.

To be.

This poem is a reflection on spiritual language and scientific language, and their implications on how we understand existence. As we know we are expanding through scientific inquiry, in spiritual circles we refer to an increase in vibration. We know that motion creates change, and that different frequencies of energy have different effects on more stable or radical states of matter. They say that the universe is in a constant state of entropy, but I disagree. I believe that this expansion we see, comes from a tendency to equalize. While we may only observe energy as being a “higher frequency”, it seems that for equality, some parts of reality must lower their vibration, and others must increase. While for us we may seek to increase spiritually, grow, and expand, our perception is limited beyond our measurement. With every particle, atom, and body in the universe in consideration, we have to understand that once this equalization happens, it will be because the energy is of a simultaneous and unifying frequency. As bodies that are immobile budge slowly over time, while others slow as they encounter them on their path, the vibrations become more and more similar. As space lengthens, and their effect is smaller and smaller on the surrounding bodies, they continue with only the memories of their encounters in their transformation. Returning to equilibrium as every system we can readily observe does. Back to silence. Back to stillness. Back to nothing.

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