The Easiest Universal Spell!

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This blog post is pretty short but very worth it.

A little backstory on how I developed this little spellwork: In the carolinas there was recently an Amber Alert for a young girl who is thankfully back home where she belongs, and we were all tuning into that frequency this weekend starting on Saturday. We were looking at the different visions we were receiving and sent every tip that came to us to the authorities, who were amazingly helpful. Sadly, we came up with 3 regions and one area was exactly one county over. We were close though! Just as with anyone, when it comes to exact location, we have to practice some!

Knowing that our skills still needed honing in the locating people area (we started working with items and are pretty proficient there finally!), we resorted to what we knew best — spellwork. Something told me that a simple prayer type spell could go a long way. I did this spell Sunday night, and the girl was found Monday morning. I did the spell the next day for someone to change mindsets for the betterment of a family member in a serious situation and the next day a phone call was made by that woman that everyone had waited months for. This is now part of my daily routine. The great thing is it is cheap, it is quick, and it is very effective!

Here’s what you need:

-A Teacup

-A Small Stone


-A White Tealight.

Here’s the Incantation:

Through the powers of water let me fill the vessel up,

Through powers of earth, I’ll add a rock to this cup.

Through powers of fire I do light this wick,

Using powers of air to make this flame stick.

Grant me my request as I shall now ask,

and I thank all high powers for taking this task.

-Make Your Prayer-

This wonderful little prayer-type incantation takes no longer than 5 minutes, and you end up with an adorable floating tealight that casts a warm and happy little glow in your room.

Feel free to comment and let us know your opinions on this. I love it and you may find that you do as well. ❤

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