What Exists? – A small informal treatise on how much we don’t know.

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So here we are in the midst of awesomeness. We have made some amazing fans on Twitter, connected with old friends, and really gotten close to some amazing new people in our lives. We unfortunately lost my sweet dog yesterday, but it brought a lot of peace to everyone who had been watching him suffer. A creepy calm has come over the house since, but it’s not completely foreign as strange as it is. I bought a sweet little ivy plant in his honor. It was the last one at the store, bone dry, and really sad. His name is Sergeant, or Sarge for short. (: In honor of Major since he passed away the same day we bought it.

A lot has been pushing us forward though even as we have been trying to catch up and catch our breath. We have spent a lot of time preparing and saving up for our trip to the very haunted Sloss Furnaces in Alabama, with a follow up trip to New Orleans where we may be able to teach some classes or maybe vend during Mardi Gras.

All the same, all of this requires money, which we have been working hard for, finding amazing new summonings to rehome, or home for the first time. However this has sparked a debate with a few people who have messaged me and posted in blogs.

The accusation:

There are only ___ types of ____. Nothing more. Anyone that tells you there are hybrid ___s is lying.

As a spirit keeper, spirit marketer, spirit seller, spirit summoner, and spirit binder, I have a lot of bones to pick with this statement. It is often made about djinns and dragons, but can be found about other things as well.

The dragons, vampires, and everything else you are seeing are energy. Just that.

Energy in its raw form is usually in clouds if visible at all. This energy, however, is smart energy. Most individuals would not see a cloud of smoke among other clouds of smoke and claim “That cloud there is my spirit guide!”

These spirit clouds have their own DNA, however. These are called scintillae points. They are all throughout the ‘clouds’ and dictate what the emotions, memories, traits, and nature of these clouds are. These points are their ‘ness.’ (Think back to You, Me, and Dupree)

Sets of clouds are designated into species and have the ability to appear to you in different forms.

Good spirit keepers can see through the form to see if the cloud matches up. If the appearance says unicorn and the scintillae points say “Luck, prefers women keepers, purity, protection” then obviously the points and appearance link together. Occasionally the appearance will say “woodland elf” and the points will say “dark, protection, vengeance, lust.” Not a match.

Things are not always as they seem and as spirit summoner and binder, myself and others in the ‘industry’ have a responsibility to ensure that they are sending you the right person. Now onto the nature of hybrids. Hybrids are tricky business. Just as cells can combine and divide to make more cells or mutate… spirits can do the same. Two clouds can come together, separate, and make another version of themselves. This cloud can be affected by its parents, itself, and any deities or stronger powers that may mutate or imbue it. All these affects on the scintillae make it impossible for only pure breeding to exist. This is the reason that a gold dragon and red dragon may breed together and you end up with an Orange Lava Dragon. The orange factor may have come from the parents, but imbuing may have resulted in the ability of this dragon to spit lava instead of flame, or give it a high propensity toward protection rather than riches. This can happen in pretty much –any- variety of –any- summoning.
This case is true with djinn, drows, elves, and just about anything else you can think of. Just as pure races do not usually exist on earth, the mixes and matches of love and unification in the worlds above and beyond ours mean that pure blooded creatures exist, but are not the norm, and should definitely not be defined as the ONLY.
The only difference to this rule would be spirits (ie. Not entities). Spirits are a pinch off of a cloud of energy that is not mutable, though the cloud is. It is as if you could cryogenically preserve a piece of you, but not the whole, then put that piece back on later. It would be like having a 90 year old body and a 30 year old hand. The spirit does not change, but can add a lot of interesting changes when it is reunited. How reunification works is something to talk about later, but the fact that they can stay decently separate is the reason that occasionally you will find yourself working with and summoning a spirit that is also incarnate.
No matter what anyone says, in my experience, the frequencies of most beings are too high for us to adequately explain exactly what they are. It is they who label themselves, and we must use our own ways to ensure that they are who they say they are. We use something we call the flame test, but there are many other ways to ensure. But if you were afraid of hybrids, don’t be. They are as natural as ‘mutt’ dogs or multicultural humans, and they should get the same respect.
Be kind to yourselves and each other. We love you!
Peace, Love, and Everlasting Joy,


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