How To Make Life Not Suck – An Informative Article.

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Okay, so if I could explain how to make life perfect, I would be a millionaire.
That hasn’t happened (yet) so I’m going to title this “How to Make Life Not Suck – An Informative Article.)
Now mind you, I am no medical doctor, lawyer, or professional out of the psychic and life-coaching field. Keep in mind any allergies, intolerances, or necessities, and by no means let this article override that.
Now that we are clear!
I wrote a little article named “Tenets of Joy” ages ago, and I still kind of love it, so I’m going to post it here, but with some 2015 editing and maybe a little more flavor.
These are little things that have made a big difference to me. If this article is meaningful to you, print it, share it, post it at work, by all means, get it out there. ❤

So many people ask me to key to happiness.
I have many answers and at the same time, only one.
The short answer is:
The key to happiness is happiness.
You cannot rely on anything to give you happiness. If you can be happy in the worst situation, you can be happy anywhere.
I hear so many folks saying, “I’ll finally be happy when ____.”
You won’t.
It’ll wane like a flower in the spring time.
And flush out with the first big rain.
Happiness is a means to its own end.
You just ARE happy. You follow your own whimsy.
Throw caution to the wind.
At the end of the day in -most- cases, no matter what happens, you will have food and a place to stay.
If this isn’t the case, change in increments.
But there is no reason not to shift.
There are a few pillars that mine and Curtis’s book will be about.
They are:

1. The Life Organic – Carcinogens are everywhere. We are making the switch, you should too. Kick out flouride, kick out carcinogens, kick out formaldehyde, kick out the nasty nasty preservatives. Eat fresh, and use salt deodorant, and clay based toothpaste. Earthpaste I highly recommend. It’s little things that contribute to a HUGE difference. For those that talk about price and lack of availability, there are many chains such as Earthfare and Fresh market all around the United States. For those of you that are like me and are stuck in no-man’s-land, Wal*Mart and Target have these options, usually from the “Tom’s” Chain. It’s not my first pick but it is fluoride free if you are looking for toothpaste. The salt deodorant can even be ordered on ebay and lasts up to 3 years, and there are farmer’s markets everywhere that can be much cheaper than GMO produce!
2. The Life Nutritious – This one is kind of a given. Eat for nutrition. Eat with colors. The more processed your food is, the worse it is for you. I couldn’t eat any health food before, because of severe issues with my GI tract from an autoimmune disorder. LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE. I found that once I cut lactose from my diet and stayed away from fried foods I began to have more energy and my sleep schedule even started to regulate because I napped less. I fell off the wagon for a little bit, I’ll admit, but I’m getting back on here shortly because there is a huge difference in my energy level.
3. The Life Decorated – This one is also easy. In Feng Shui, in Kama sutra, in several ancient arts, aesthetics are key. Even if it means just wearing gaudy jewelry that makes you feel pretty, or painting your walls. Endeavor to make things beautiful. They will enliven you. You can do it with antiques, dollar store finds, or even drawings that you make. If you like tacky, if you like minimalistic, it doesn’t matter, you can live a life decorated and be a fan of any lifestyle. Curtis and I both endeavor toward this goal a great deal. I’m kitschy and keep Christmas lights and posters around my room, he’s simplistic and has statement pieces and small notes tacked to his wall, but we both feel secure with our decoration.
4. The Life Loving – This one is perhaps the hardest. You must reach a point in your life where those who have done you wrong receive your patience and pity instead of hatred. Where those you care about receive action instead of something empty. Where you give without anticipation to take. Where you have love for every living thing, plant, animal, insect, human. You kill nothing that does not go to give you nutrition to do great in the world.
5. The Life Spiritual – Getting in touch with gods, goddesses, astral beings, your higher self, or otherwise… It needs to happen. It MUST happen if you have any religious bone in your body. If not, delve deeply into science. This is a part that must be fulfilled by some means. If you are spiritual, yoga, meditation, communing with spirits, etc… it’s all very good for you.
6. The Life Ambitious – Means putting your all forth for a good result even if you know, deep down, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, because you are headed on a defined and important path. You are ardent in everything you do however, and it powers you and charges you through life. Without goals you will not find much excitement and the doldrums will get you. Find something you love and work toward it, step by step.
7. The Life Artistic – One must find their artistic outlet in art, music, dance, gardening, something of the sort. You must find an artistic outlet where your soul can paint with the colors of your mental state, where you can see yourself spread out on paper, in audible notes, or in the slender and delicate movements of your limbs. It will get you in touch with -you- in a way you never thought possible.
8. The Life Clean –
Hygiene is essential. Though you positively MUST get dirty once in awhile, literally and maybe even figuratively, salt baths can do the most amazing things. Put a lot of epsom salts with some apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in a bath and feel the toxins bleed out of you. Detox is a HUGE part of making your life better.
And, finally (for you 18 and up)
9. The Life Sexual – all of these other means open up all the chakras, but still the chakra at your base is in need. You must be careful who you exchange those energies with ( 1 night stands are not always the best for opening this chakra though you do not have to be in love by any means, you must be in trust). You must find someone you connect with deeply and engage, or engage yourself. This will give you a flourish of sacral energy and body attunement and is SO very good for you. NOTE, you can always open up that chakra and energize it manually through attunements, energizing, and many other metaphysical means. I have worked with a lot of people who freak out at the thought of this chakra, hands-off approaches are possible.
I would like to hear what you guys have to say on the 9 tenants of life. I know more will come in time. I am trying to add brevity however.
These have all given me great balance. I feel love in my life, patience, and growth.
The main thing is that you must have balance. You must have a high count of all of these. Having a good strong 6 but being weak in the other 3 will throw you off kilter.
The closer to perfection you have on these, the better.
Notice how I didn’t say the Life Active?
In my opinion, if you can do it, it fits in the life artistic.
I love to swim, and, believe it or not, dance, but sometimes you need to fulfill the first 9 before that phantom tenth can come along.
Express yourself and nourish your mind body and soul.
Many say “I can’t” but it simply is not true.
The life active is the basis of all of the other tenets, it is the unspoken rule. One cannot experience life without some form of movement, so it is the silent tenet.
You may find that some of these things are a little bit trying on your budget or lifestyle, but the key is to do what you can and improve where you can. The true thing is just to be comfortable, never make any changes too rapidly, and to be aware of what you and your body need, trying to stray from deficiencies and excesses. Check the chart below to see where you lie.


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