Le Charme de Sel et le Miel – An Enchantment from Marie Laveau

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So there we were in the cold month of December trying to figure out how to polish off our “beta” ritual, the Ultimus. It was our strongest and still is, our strongest and most transformative ritual. Something that has truly moved Curtis and I forward in our journey. We knew something was missing however.

This is a something that one of my ancestor guides came to help me with.

The beautiful Miss Marie Laveau.


For those who do not know of her, she is the renowned Voodou queen of New Orleans. She owned a shop on La Rue Bourbon, frequented the Old Absinthe House, and mingled with the bizarre personalities of the time, including the bizarre Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie. I know to many these are merely characters from American Horror Story: Coven, but they are indeed very real people who had very real lives. The LaLaurie house of horrors still stands to this day, but is locked down with no tours available… while the house of Laveau still stands and markets goods to growing numbers of tourists and locals alike, breeding a special metaphysical community in New Orleans that continues to grow, featuring amazing new stores such as Esoterica and Earth Odyssey.

Marie chooses a few people every now and then that she gifts with her knowledge and presence. We were gifted with her presence in December, and she gave us an exercise in thankfulness and mindfulness that we have tried to show to every person imaginable because we have truly fallen in love with it.

It is : Le Charme de Sel et le Miel, or The Charm of Salt and Honey.


It’s rather simple, and truly wonderful.

You will need:

  • Two Plates

  • 3 Tbsp of Honey

  • 1/4 cup salt

  • a red pen

  • paper (3 sheets)

You put the honey on one plate and salt on another while spreading the three papers out.

On the first paper you write every word that makes you hurt, makes you angry, or makes you uncomfortable. They can be vague, direct, slightly funny, or extremely serious. I have seen people put everything from “My ex,” to “Mondays,” and “My weight.” If it makes you upset, write it down.  Keep going til you have at least 20 written.

On the other sheet, write in HUGE letters the following words:






Save the third piece of paper for the next step.

Put the salt next to the first list, and the honey next to the second.

Lick your finger and dip it in the salt, and repeat for every word on the negatives list until you have made it all the way through. This is supposed to suck, it’s supposed to be awful. That’s kind of the point (:

After you are finished, do the same with the honey words, but with BIG dollops of honey. The honey will sate the sting of the salt. The point being that those 5 things and the things that stem from them are all you need to be happy. Mama – mother earth, divine mother, something bigger than you. Earth – the world around you that nourishes you so. Love, the currency of life and of joy, Trust — trust in the process, in each other, trust in the fact that all things will improve. Finally, Spirit – the understanding that there is a mental, physical, and spiritual state and that health of one can affect all.

You may now drink a beverage. (:

After you feel you are ready, you will write a letter on the 3rd piece of paper.

Usually it will look like a contract.

The one Curtis and I did is something like this:

I am strong, I am gifted, and I have the world around me to thank

for the visions and truths that I am allowed to enjoy. As far as the pain and

allowing myself to suffer under my own hand and my own will,

it hereby shall end. My name is ________ and I am officially done!


With that you are signing that you are done letting suffering be a part of your life, because all things can be fixed through those universal truth words. They are all free and all possible in any situation because they are ethereal. They are things between a person and another person or between a person and their universe. Internal unless they wish them to be external, but ever priceless!

Please feel free to comment and share your experiences with Salt-Honey.

Curtis and I found it to be a very rewarding exercise and it has changed a lot of the way we think by latching on to our subliminal and going “That’s a salty thought, best cancel it out with some of the universe’s honey.”

Love and Light and Peace to you all.

We love you, and the Universe calls you by name.

Reach out.

Peace, Love, Joy,

Carmen Marie

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