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Many of you may or may not know that we are signing to a wonderful alternative talent agency that specializes in the metaphysical and the paranormal. It’s known as Darkside Entertainment and it is run by the wonderful Carol Malone. This was our first gig working with her and it was AMAZING. She is a sweetheart and took us on an adventure that is well worth sharing.

“A Haunting at Sloss Furnaces.”


When Curtis and I arrived, we had a creepy calm feeling that really took us by storm. We walked inside to figure out where we were supposed to be (Surprise, we got to the wrong place early!) but we met a sweet lady there by the name of Jane. She told us about her experiences with the place and was really a wonderful lady. She told us that her experiences there were really not very negative and that there is a big sense of mutual respect there. Curtis and I did a brief spirit communication session before running off to the reception room at the hotel where we were supposed to be in the first place. We got communications from quite a few spirits that they were there for a job and felt truly victimized by many who would go there looking for a fight. We were getting the message that many people were not treating the innocent spirits there with respect, and so we took that concept with us and went to the hotel to set up.

We set up our booth there, met some wonderful people and then got to hear some amazing speakers. At this time I was running on 32 hours with no sleep, which was not good for someone who likes to sleep like I do. I was feeling vibes like no ones business, but I got a nap in! Only after listening to some amazing paranormal specialists talk about what they do and giving a brief talk about our experiences. I tapped out in the hotel room three floors up to be woken up by Curtis two hours later. I was not a happy camper, but he was dead set on us doing an investigation. I had to oblige. C’est la vie, right?

We drove to sloss at about 9 at night, and waited in the car for folks to arrive. I had dragged myself to the car so I was not dressed for it at all, but now can pin “paranormal investigation in 40 degrees while wearing sundress” on my completed bucket list board. I drifted off while waiting and started mumbling something to Curtis before jolting awake. Apparently I had told him “Don’t dare fall asleep while Big Cat is around.” We put it in the back of our minds but were still rather curious what that was all about.

We first went into what is known as the Engine room. Curtis apparently kept feeling a push before I walked up behind him and told him to get out of the way. I pushed him away from what looked like a large metal structure. I asked about it later, finding out that it was the very mill wheel that had crushed a man from standing too close back in operating times. Spirits were still worried about the presence of humans around that piece of machinery!

We wandered around for some time, feeling and seeing lots of different energy before we finally went into the fabled boiler room. I kept feeling a tug at my dress before telling someone there was a boy by the name of James. He refused to come down into the boiler room, and our ghost radar went off, saying his name, boy, and then “mill housing.” I spoke later to the woman who works organizing the events at sloss, and she told us that the spirits of children were often at Sloss because of the Mill.

Once in the Boiler room, many devices were placed around, most of which were not going off or detecting much, except for one — the Ghost Vox. These boxes use multiple radio frequencies running at once to create messages when they hit a certain current of energy. We asked who was there to get the answer “Many.” Curtis asked “Are there any demons around here?” A word came forth that we both had heard. “Afraid.”

We asked why they were afraid to speak, and the Vox said loud and clear for all to hear..,”Big Cat.”

Between the vox and our radar sessions, as well as mediumship, we determined Big Cat was a quartet of Demonic entities that lived inside the steel mill and fed off of the energy held therein. The vox went off in many directions, saying sassy and even brusque things to the women, and calling Curtis a number of homosexual slurs before stating they wouldn’t talk to him. The vox went on to say “Get out. Working here.” before shooing everyone in the boiler room out. We learned that the spirits in the mill were still working and many did not realize they had passed.

We then went and explored the mines underneath that were limestone, covered in stalactites. It was beautiful with a hauntingly placid energy. The tour down there didn’t produce much other than relaxation, but I told Curtis I was feeling a draw to “the garden, the one where they would smoke on break.” He told me he felt there was a garden there too, but that it didn’t make sense that there was a garden in the middle of a steel mill. We kept walking. Eventually we ended up at this little platform with a hill reaching around the back of it, plum full of wild roses. I yelled over at Curtis to tell him I had found it when another awesome member of our research party asked me to repeat myself. I told her “I said this is the garden I told Curtis about.” She shook her head and a couple of the other ladies did too. “You were speaking in German, sweetie,” she said to me. The others had agreed that I was speaking in some form of broken English with a majority of German in it. Though I had taken a class in German, I was using words I did not know. It was an interesting moment, so we logged it and kept going. We walked around the side of that building and kept going when I heard a tiny voice say, “Where’s my doll?” I asked Curtis if he had heard it, and got an affirmative. He said “Any clue what her name is?” and we both said at the same time “Emily.” In speaking to employees and research veterans, a young girl named Emily came to meet her father there and ran off looking for something when she was fatally injured on the equipment. She is famous around Sloss for her sweet nature and tugging on the dresses of female patrons.

Finally, however, it was time to go to sleep — for real this time.

We woke the next morning quite early for a power breakfast!


Though Curtis wasn’t a huge fan of the powdered eggs, I sure was!

We started the morning by getting our booth set up at Sloss, having to pin everything down with precious stones because of the wind, but it was a beautiful day, and Curtis let me have some time off from the table to go engage in some photography of the beautiful frozen-in-time beacon of the industrial revolution. Sloss was what put Birmingham, AL on the map as a major city because of the steel productions and jobs it brought in, and even though some of its history was savage, no one can deny the beauty the place holds.


IMG_0213I got some wonderful photos and the day had been a success already before the night began to fall. We managed to do some amazing readings, introduce some people to spirit keeping, and analyze our surroundings. We took a break for lunch, eating some of the best hot dogs ever put together by Carol’s husband (we referred to him as the guy with amazing hair for half of our time there).


As it was getting dark, Carol and the whole crew got us from the presentation room where speeches were being given to go watch an experiment. It was said that one of the mine workers caught fire and ran a certain distance before falling to his death at Sloss — and to evoke some activity, the team there put on burn suits and lit themselves on fire to experience it. The first night the stuntman was responded to through an EVP that said “Don’t let him do that,” and “dangerous!” Carol’s daughter did it the next night when we got to watch, and it was quite amazing. The energy was palpable. The talent of this crew and the safety was really something to be marveled. She did two fire runs and orbs were everywhere even within direct vision after the fact.

IMG_0290 IMG_0291

Finally, late night fell upon us and our readings wrapped up soon after, ending at around 11 after our best friend from back home showed up. His name is Ederik, and we all three met at Newberry College. Ed had gone to college in Montgomery, AL after a transfer however, so I knew this would be the opportunity to call him up. We went out for a quick dinner complete with Karaoke at a wonderful joint in Birmingham called “The Derby.” The food was free as long as you bought a drink… needless to say that is definitely the thing to tell a bunch of young entrepreneurs who are budgeting!!

WP_20150214_005We had a lot of good times at the Derby, Karaoke’d some Queen, Ederik sang Taylor Swift, I got a rose for Valentine’s from the bar owner, and we made a few new friends! After that R&R, the three of us headed back to Sloss to conduct our own investigation — just us three. As soon as we arrived near the main furnaces, some quick pics on our cell phones showed us we were going to have some kind of night:


The three of us headed into the Engine room where I first met James. He told me before that he loved that room because he would run in there and think about another life while looking out of the “big bright winder.” The picture I have here is daytime, but he wanted me to share it.

IMG_0222On a column to the right of the engine room, however, we were magnetized to some random graffiti. Upon closer inspection we saw what would be a reversed pentacle or a “Laveyan Pentacle” to some. It had the words “Devle” written above and around it and held a very negative charge. It was something that was dispersing energy around the place, we could tell, and it was highly upsetting us. So Curtis and I, being cavalier as we tried to be, set out to cleanse and repurpose it as a positive sigil.

IMG_0307We made a circle and began trying to cleanse it as we were being communicated with. We began divining and setting our equipment up to see if we could get in touch with whoever was around. Curtis began using a large stick of sage the size of his forearm to smudge it and consecrate the area.

IMG_0310As soon as the prayers began, Curtis started shaking, Ederik felt heavy, and I couldn’t move my feet. Curtis looked at me asking if I was okay, and that was the last thing I remember. Apparently he asked me my name and I told him “You don’t need my name,” before losing control of my legs. He and Ederik held me up after he put out the flaming sage. It was no longer lit but still slightly smoking as they lifted me out of the building. Curtis saw Carol as we remembered the sage, and asked her to go in and get it. She ran right in to where we left it on the table about 2 minutes later, and there was nothing but smoldering ash where there was a large 8 inch bundle of sage.

We hobbled back as I regained my footing and reviewed our evidence, getting to know the workers at Sloss today after interacting with the ones from yesteryear and we learned after that the demons we were fighting were actually there for a reason. We did a seance type session with James who told us that the demons create a spook factor that brings people back and keeps the mill open, and so there is a balance of energies there. We learned the hard way that not all black arts hauntings are negative hauntings.

All the same we had a great time at Sloss and have so much more to share. Thanks to Carol, the other folks at the event, Ederik, and everyone who helped us get there. It was truly AMAZING. If you are ever in the area, stop by Sloss. It is an unforgettable event with the thickest energy you will ever feel.


Love, Peace, and Joy,

Carmen Marie xxoox

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