Ouija…not “You”jia

Ouija…not “You”jia


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One of the staple methods of divination Carmen and I use is the Ouija Board. Specifically we use the Pathfinder Board from Farber and Zerner. We have used other boards by them in the past. We like them because they set everything up in a circle and give our spirits lots of options.

Lately we have had a lot of questions, and skeptical looks, when we talk about the “Spirit Board”. We were specifically asked to clear some things up, and shed some light on the urban legends surrounding Ouija boards.

So here is the post that sparked this discussion:

I hope this is okay. I value your opinions…and would like to see what you thought on this: Carmen Marie Laughlin, Curtis Keisler and anyone else that would like to. This was posted on another facebook page that I belong to…. Just want to get your opinions. TY in advance. ~~”Just because you don’t say goodbye does it mean spirits leave. When you use a Ouija board. It is a form of temporary possession. What you are communicating with it’s not right beside you but inside of you automatic writing is the same thing it is the second widest range channeling spirit energy next to the Ouija. It may be spirits around you but the one that’s moving the piece is inside of you and the other ones are waiting their turn so I would sage your house before and after you do automatic writing spirits don’t like sage it makes them sick that’s why they clear the house wherever it’s burned.” ~~ IF this is the case… We spirit keepers… How do we keep the spirits we share out lives with …without sending them away, or… making them hate the smell of our home?

I will start by breaking down everything that is wrong with the above post…and then I will walk you through how to use a Ouija Board properly and safely.

Lets take a look at the first sentence…

Just because you don’t say goodbye does it mean spirits leave.

A common myth about the Ouija board is that bad things happen if you do not say goodbye. This is not entirely true. Saying “Goodbye” refers to moving the planchette to the “Goodbye” spot on the board (or spelling it out) and then returning the planchette to resting position. This action is an indicator that you do not want communication or be actively communicating with that spirit anymore. To a demonic spirit, or a spirit that is called forth and means ill, it doesn’t matter if you say goodbye or not. The spirit board is not a portal. Nothing is attached to it. Spirits are not coming through the board. Saying goodbye does not close a portal, just as saying hello does not open one.

This brings us to our next point….

When you use a Ouija board. It is a form of temporary possession. What you are communicating with it’s not right beside you but inside of you automatic writing is the same thing it is the second widest range channeling spirit energy next to the Ouija. It may be spirits around you but the one that’s moving the piece is inside of you and the other ones are waiting their turn…

This statement is not altogether correct. When you are using the Ouija board, or any divination tool that involves movement (i.e. pendulum, dowsing rods, tarot cards) you are being influenced, but you are not being possessed. Here we must draw the line between a person acting as a medium, and a person who is possessed. A medium is any person who is actively engaging with spirit and allowing a spirit to communicate physical responses through their subconscious. You can research about ideomotor action or ideomotor responses. Your subconscious mind responds to subconscious clues every day. It is a natural part of your body, and it is easily influenced by spirits. The medium is recieving the spiritual messages on a subconscious level. The job of the spirit is done after that. The subconscious mind of the medium translates this message into words that are spelled out on the board. Ideomotor action is one of the simplest forms of mediumship, and is a good place to start working on your psychic abilities. You are in control of the messages that come through in this case. If the medium does not allow the message to come through, it will not. This doesn’t mean that the message hasn’t been implanted into the mind of the medium, it just means that the medium is not allowing the message to go any further. We chose for messages to be relayed in a certain way. The spirit is not at all possessing you, but it is influencing you. In a possession, a spirit steps in between the energetic lines that connect you to your spirit. Your spirit projects into your body with much more force and energy, but if another spirit steps into this line, they being to add their projections into your mind. This means that properties of your spirit, and the spirit projecting are magnified to a greater effect. This causes properties of your personality that may be latent, to be expanded. You act naturally upon these ques, and over time, the spirit more and more strongly magnifies its personality, and blocks your spirit more and more. Eventually, when you are dealing with a complete possession, the spirit is still not in your body, but the spirit becomes the majority of the energy that is projecting into your body through the lines of energy connecting your body to your spirit. Keep in mind, that as you work with spiritual tools, and with different types of energy, if you notice changes in your personality, heightened emotions, changes in mood and behavior, you are experience a degree of possession. A medium may experience these for a time, but it is not because the spirit is stepping in between these spiritual lines. You should think of your time at the Ouija board as spelling out what you are all hearing, and that you are translating this message through a subconscious response. The energy and messages are being put into your environment, and you are acting as the medium, or translator between spirit, and the board. You are taking subconscious ques from spirit, and turning them into a real visual message that can be processed by your conscious mind.

Also, any time you go to the board, there are many spirits there. There are many voices speaking at one time, and this can cause messages to be garbled. If you ask a question to a room of people, and do not specify who you want to answer, most likely everyone will chime in with an opinion. The same is for the spirit board. You will get garbled nonsense messages on occasion, that will most likely be bits and pieces of a whole message. In order to get more specific answers, you should ask who you are speaking with, and address them specifically with your questions. Again, they are not moving your hand, you are!!! In response to what they have told you. The information is already there in your subconscious when you ask. An advanced medium or psychic, is someone who does not require spiritual tools to get these  messages across because they have developed ways to bring their subconscious to their conscious mind. Often, this is by consciously training the mind to respond to these subconscious clue. This means, a psychic listened to that gut feeling, subconsciously cataloged the experience and outcome, and can remember specific sets of subconscious clues, that had a conscious meaning. After a number of these successful experiences, the psychic or medium recognizes subconsciously the similar patterns, and can communicate them because they has more conscious associations to their subconscious clues. I call this having a spiritual vocabulary. Using a Ouija board can help you to increase that vocabulary, and have conscious thoughts and experiences based on the subconscious clues you are receiving.

In any case, the spirits are NOT inside of you. They are around you, and they are sending signals to you. YOU are in control of what you are doing, and the degree to which you allow the spirit’s messages to be received.

And to address the final statement…

I would sage your house before and after you do automatic writing spirits don’t like sage it makes them sick that’s why they clear the house wherever it’s burned.

Protection and intention are key elements when communicating with spirits. You need to be in control. You are the medium which means you are mediating and translating the messages. The experience you have at the board is in your control. Using sage to cleanse your area is very important. You may use other things as well. We use Palo Santo because it is stronger than sage. Sage does NOT make spirits sick. It only sets an intention. The nature of sage is that it is an herb that negative spirits do not like. That is just the nature of the plant. Burning the sage releases the ether of the plant. The plant itself has spiritual energy that is connected to the purpose of cleansing and warding negative energy. When you burn sage, you are filling the area with energy. This energy holds a vibration and frequency that disturbs forces with negative intention. Think of the plants ether as a magnet. It sets off a similar frequency to negative energy, and pushes it out, conversely attracting positive forces to create a balance in the area. Essentially, you are filling the space with too much energy of one type, that must be balanced with other energy that is of an opposite type. Spirits cannot become immune to sage either. If it is their nature to be pushed away, it is their nature. Unless the spirit changes its energy to a positive intention, then the sage will always repel that entity or spirit.

You should sage the room you, everyone in the room, and the devices you are using for divination before you seek any spiritual messages. You do not have to cleanse after unless you wish to.

You can call in demons and dark arts spirits even if you have used sage. You must put intention behind the use of the ether the sage emits. You program the energy to repel or attract what you want. If your intention was to cleanse the area of things meaning ill will, which is usually what people use sage for, then it will repel that. If you chose to repel other types of spirits, those are the spirits that will be repelled. If you do not believe us that you can do this, try it out!!! Also remember, set your intention very clearly as to what you want to repel and allow into your space. If something negative does come through, it is because you left a loophole and chances are, that spirit does not respect what you are doing, and would be the kind of spirit that could cause you problems.

The overall question posed by the post we received was at the end of the quoted section. The question was related to spirit keeping and is as follows:

IF this is the case… We spirit keepers… How do we keep the spirits we share out lives with …without sending them away, or… making them hate the smell of our home?

If you are a spirit keeper, naturally, you do not have the intention when burning sage to block communication with your own spirits. If it is attached to you, you have established that the presence is desired, and your intention is set to allow them. Sage will not affect your spirit guides for this reason. It will only allow them to communicate more clearly.

If you are using a Ouija board, keep in mind that you are calling forces to you. If you just ask who is here, any Tom, Dick, and Harry spirit can come into your space!!! So make sure to specify who you want to talk to!!!

Here is a story about the Ouija board.

Today I felt drawn to watch the “Zozo Demon Aftershock” episode of Ghost Hunters. This is clearly the case of a Ouija board gone wrong. Carmen came into the room as I was watching it, and remarked that one of our clients from the past had reported the same experience, and we actually performed a cleansing and exorcism for her. Her name is Tori Kinsey, and she was a friend from when we worked at the flea market years ago. While our client did not have such a strong problem as the people in the episode, they had only been engaging for a limited amount of time, and only in a few uses. Tori experienced nightmares, depression, traumatic events, feeling lost and hopeless, and reported that she was very afraid to go near a Ouija board because she did not get a good feeling from “Zozo”.

I do not know if she had seen the episode from their 2014 investigation, but we did help her towards the end of the year last year in 2014, and she had reported problems from a few months before her visit with us. We did a reading from her, and removed a minor demonic spirit which was an imp.

I want to remind you all that a Ouija board is not meant to be used as a toy. It is not a game. Spirits are around you all the time. You allow them to influence you as much as you want them to. If you are asking for answers, you will receive them. These messages may have appeared on the board because the spirit knew about “Zozo” and was trying to peak interest, or state that it was a demonic presence. In my opinion, it was to sensationalize itself, and to use the energy they were transmitting to make larger manifestations, and grow its own strength. This presence was in no way as strong as its namesake appeared to be on the Ghost Adventures show, but probably a copy cat trying to leech energy and create an affect by using the guise of a powerful and sensationalized entity to piggy back on.

So….how should you use a Ouija Board if you are going to use one?

1.) Cleanse your area.

This means that you need to first establish your area of work. Light sage and walk into a circle around the area. You should imagine that the smoke from the sage creates an orb like barrier or bubble from where you are drawing your barrier. It should cover you over your head, and cover you from below. Your intention should be that spirits will only be allowed to come through in this specific area.

I circle three times clockwise repeating this chant until I am done.

I believe in the gods above,

And call on them with perfect love,

Please protect all within this room,

From any that wish harm or gloom.

So mote it be!!!

2.) Cleanse yourself and tools.

You can use the same method as above to do this. For people, make sure that you circle around their head with the intention of representing the whole body, and protecting the whole person. This just saves time. Otherwise, sage every chakral point on their body, from the front side, and the backside. Sage your tools all the way around as well. This means pick the board up and sage underneath it, as well as encircling the planchette.

3.) Call on any divine forces you want to aid you in protecting and strengthening the area with the intention of only receiving productive, truthful, and relevant messages. These forces will buffer for you. This way, if something comes through, you know automatically that it has helpful intent, or is responding truthfully to its best knowledge the information you are asking for. We recommend lighting a candle when you call these forces to aid. You should stay with white or purple candles for this.

4.) Open a white light portal, or a portal to energy that you want to communicate with.

To open a white light portal, imagine a beam of white light coming down from above you and creating a rift or portal in the space that you have cleansed. This action allows for the energy you are calling forth to manifest more easily.

5.) When you are done, thank the spirits that you have asked to speak with, or that have come through your portal to speak with you. Say goodbye after you have thanked them. To close the portal, imagine that the portal gets smaller and goes back into the stream of light and recedes back into the universe. Next, thank the powers that have helped to protect you, and blow out the candle.

This is what we say in closing:

We thank the powers that have come to aid us.

The circle is now closed.

Stay if you will, go if you must.

Merry meet, and Merry part

May we merry meet again!!!

So mote it be!!!

If you do this every time you use the Ouija board, you will not have problems. However, if you have attachments or presences around you need to be aware of them. It is important that you use the Ouija board with people that you trust helping to keep your experiences balanced. If you are not practicing proper psychic hygiene and monitoring the energy in your aura in your daily life, you may allow negative forces into the circle by allowing them to be attached to you. These forces can manipulate the board, and it is important to have others with you, so that you do not engage that energy, and if it does begin to manifest, you can take action to get rid of it.

Your experience with the Ouija board and other divination tools should be taken seriously and regarded with reverence. It is not about you and what you are getting out of it. You are coming together with spirits to commune and have a discussion. You need to be approaching your experience as a collaborative effort between the people present, and the spirits called forth. After all it is Ouija..not “You”jia.

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