Much Maddness – A Discussion of Inequality

The Witching Hour – 6:06 pm

Listening to: dust hymn – Purity Ring

Much Madness is divinest Sense –
To a discerning Eye –
Much Sense – the starkest Madness –
’Tis the Majority
In this, as all, prevail –
Assent – and you are sane –
Demur – you’re straightway dangerous –
And handled with a Chain –
-Emily Dickinson
A while ago, I had a very in depth conversation with a friend of mine about this poem by Emily Dickinson. Dickinson has always been one of my favorite poets, and I believe she was an absolute genius. Recently, we have been seeing a lot of issues come into light in the U.S. With gay marriage being legalized, and the constant attention on police brutality and racism, I feel that I should let my argument for equality be known.
This poem contains all the truth I feel is evident in my spirit.
The majority of people seems to historically be the oppressor of change. And we have to ask ourselves “Why is that”? According to Dickinson, it is the Majority that will always prevail.
Her majority, as she points out, makes the most sense, and represent the absolute truth. The laws of the universe, and the divine, would be the only source from which to discern the ultimate truths of the universe. These truths are the lenses through which we were meant to experience our creation.
But, how much of the common earthly majority, who seeks to control this one sphere in our universe, is in touch with their spirit, or can really say that their logic and motivations are based on solid truths? She points out that what makes “Much sense” to most people, is simply the result of one man speaking his truth, and his understanding, and creating a following behind that idea.
So, the person who was once viewed as the Mad one, became the one with the better solution. One person, the most extreme minority, becomes the majority.
If that person was truly inspired by a truth of the divine, then we have a solution that others would agree with, and so, a new way society adopts as the better way of thinking.
What Dickinson finishes her poem with is the most potent statement I have ever read in a piece of literature. She says:
Assent – and you are sane –
Demur – you’re straightway dangerous –
And handled with a Chain –
In an earthen context this holds true. With the majority belief always scorning the minority, and binding them in oppression.
But, if you think a little deeper, she illustrates how the minority will succeed. If a minority group is truly guided by divine sense, no matter how absurd it may seem to the majority, they will prevail. In the end of it all, there are deeper truths that will overcome. There is always a better way of being.
Consider this; there is no difference between my spirit and yours. What our minds can interpret of ourselves is molded and shaped by the majorities of society, or the minorities that seem to fit our own truths. We align ourselves with people who are like minded, so that we can further explore our own truths. However, we have to turn our focus back to the higher truth. Our attention must always be towards the goals of spirit and coming back to one whole and unified existence.
The universe is created on this cycle. We are just a part of that. The majority that will prevail, is the majority that holds the truth of creation. Whether these truths manifest themselves today in minority groups, or are present in the current majorities opinion, this discovery is a natural process that involves growth.
It is not something that can be stopped. Whether you think your cause is just in this life, or the right way, has nothing to do with what the truth is. Simply all people are created equally because of the connection to spirit that they possess. Just as every plant, animal, and body in the universe.
For those standing in defense of practices that teach inequality, racism, hatred of others, or who cause the psyche of another person to be damaged by their oppression of another’s truth, there is no point to what you are doing. You will be handled by the same chains that bind us all, and will forever pull us towards the same harmonious vibration and understanding. You have the choice to be dragged along, or to enjoy your experience and learn to understand. Whether you do it now, or prolong it until the end, you have to realize you have no effect on it’s inevitability.
It would do many people well to stop fighting, and start exploring for understanding. While your experience of resistance in this life may feel very important, at some point, you will be on the same train.
For people who judge the people who oppress minorities, that is not your job either. We are all equal, and we are all here to have the experience we are meant to have for the growth of our spirits. While it would be a wonderful thing to affect change quickly, not everyone has the necessary experience or spiritual connection to understand what drives their life. We have to trust the inevitability of these lessons to be learned, and make sure that we share as much of our madness. While some of it may be, it is only through the mouths and opinions of each other, that we will meet the divine majority truths that govern us all.
We are all pulled along in the end, so I hope you can learn to enjoy the ride. I, for one, will spend my time sharing my opinion. I will not argue, and I will not scream and yell. I can not pretend to be so in tune that I know it all, and no one else should either. However, dialogue, companionship, engaged discussion, and focus on personal growth with help each of us to understand one another, accept one another, and unify as we are meant to.
We are all equal. We are all beautiful. We are all headed to the same place. Enjoy your ride.

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