A WiFi Witch – Top Apps for Spirit Keepers and Spiritualists!

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The Let’s face it — the era of fire and brimstone is behind us spiritualists, and what lies ahead is composed of microchips, geocaching, snapchats, and databases. Is this a bad thing, though? Are we missing availability to crucial tools that could really be helping our psychic development?

Thankfully, I think not, and I’m here to share with you the most helpful apps to have on your ultimate multitasker — the smartphone. Some of these apps are tablet friendly as well, but more individuals own smart phones than automobiles, homes, and computers! With a tool this available, we must know how to use it for our own witchy wiles right? Right!

1. Echovox – This App is an amazing tool. Many of us know of reverse audio or radio sweepers that allow spirits to come through and communicate. Echovox is an app that does this on your phone in any area that has signal and can allow any spirits to come through who wish to communicate. The app is on the pricey side, however it is very effective, has loads of settings for maximum efficiency, and even has a record feature for your sessions.

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2. Ghost Radar – Pro, Legacy, Or Basic – This app is the app you can use with your earphones in on the subway, muted while you’re grocery shopping, or on blast in the middle of a spirit communication party. Though I’m still not exactly sure HOW it works, I know that it does, at least in our case, as spirits we know the names of have named themselves and have spoken words about objects as we touched them, or places as we arrived. It is an app with a small radar that picks up words from spirits and displays them on the screen. It is much more question-and-answer friendly for those out there who have more difficulty communicating with the other side.

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3. Evernote – This app is great for a number of reasons. Some of the biggest ways our spirits and friends can get through to us is using dreams, daydreams, or happenstance encounters. Evernote is a great place to store all of this, as you can store media of all sorts, writings, and more on this app, making it a great way to save every message in one place.

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4. Phases of the Moon – This app is extremely helpful for helping you determine when is the best time to do any magickal work. The moon phases determine the power and effectiveness of different types of spellwork, and this beautiful app gives you an in depth look at exactly what state the moon is in.

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5. Yelp – Witches and spiritualists need services and supplies. We all need specific herbals, gemstones, and more! Though we here at MM are pleased to provide you with everything we can, sometimes you need to be there in person or need to receive certain services in person. For everything from holistic healthfood stores to yoga studios, Yelp has them all and can help you decide what is best for you!

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6. Meetup – Another great thing about religion and spiritualism is the fact that one is always learning, always expanding, and always networking. There are 1001 ways to learn more about the things that are important to you, be they religious, spiritual, health-related or craft-related. Meetups are a great way to learn more and connect more with people who are interested in the same things as you. There is a very large base of pagans, spiritualists, and teachers on here that can show you a whole new world of possibilities!

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7. Encyclopedia Of Creatures – This awesome encyclopedia covers most of the mythological basics, giving you a succinct and accurate understanding of a vast number of creatures. If you have forgotten a name or have seen something and are trying to understand it, this app may be of great help for you.

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8. Podcast – This app may be one of the most helpful of all — guided meditations, spiritual commentary, musical playlists, and more! If you cannot go to a meetup or center to learn, a podcast can be a great stand in — it takes no time to download, can work on most devices, and is an endless field of knowledge!

Platforms: smallerwsmallera2smallera1

We hope that these 8 top apps for the modern witch or spiritualist have been helpful to you! If you have any more recommendations, toss them in the comments. Sharing is caring!


Carmen Marie

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