Chakras: Points of Misunderstanding?

Seven chakras

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             Before reading, we would like to not that the following has been information shared with us via entities we have communicated with at length. There is no medical research or otherwise, however we have attempted to charge these ‘new’ points, and have found it to be extremely efficient. This is what we get up in the morning for — spiritual learning and communication. This spiritual research is something that shapes our services and approaches, and we figured we would share it with you all so that you may contemplate it as well.

              Many are under the belief that Chakras are points that are generate and output energy, however we have discovered alternate points that are connected to the kundalini and the chakras in turn. These points are known as scintillae and actively connect you to your higher self and your higher consciousness. The Scintillae store a small amount of energy and a wealth of information, especially concerning past lives and past incarnations. They are the input points whereas the chakras are the output point. If you are looking to bring a type of energy into your body, focus on the scintillae around that particular area, and realize that the needs and desires are an output of your chakras.

              The energy that comes out of the ‘wheels’ of your chakras is a signal to the large consciousness about what you need. This means instead of the energy saying “I am” or “I speak”, these chakras are saying “Give me a purpose,” or “Give me a truth to speak.”

These are direct requests to the gods and to the united consciousness for those things that your spiritual, soulful, and physical bodies need. The scintillae points are placed and labeled as follows (You may click to expand):

scintillae         These points of input are connected to the input of your chakras through the kundalini which is essentially your cardiovascular system of energy. This is your primal energy, the highway of all energy that is essential. When activated, you will notice other blockages less.

Kundalini energy

So with this in mind, many would ask exactly how message reception works — the spirits have diagrammed this as well showing us that there is a ring (almost like that of saturn, I suppose) around the crown chakra and the third eye chakras respectively that link to the scintillae points in those areas. The crown ring connects you with the messages of the gods, whereas the ring around the third eye connects you with the messages of spirits around you. When you wish to have clearer communication, charging of that ring and clearing of those scintillae points could really be what makes the difference for you. Third eye treatments and surgeries help you more efficiently ask for clearer messages, but not actually receive those clearer messages.

Now you may wonder exactly what a scintillae point looks like. It is a small twisting tube of light that sits on either side of each chakra. There are also small scintillae points on both sides of the foot, two in the palms of the hands, and small ones near the eyes. These points are sensory and earth based, focusing mainly on your connection with the active world around you. When these are not active you will feel a detachment or even a ‘floating’ or ‘dream falling’ sensation where you do not feel weighted into your body. This will happen at times when you are -not- doing psychic work and can make a restful sleep more difficult.

Focusing on input, transport, and output regions of your energetic matrix could make the difference between having a strong output and having a buzzing, working, and highly functioning energetic matrix. Attempt to charge these smaller ‘vortex’ looking points when working on your chakras, and feel free to comment the results.

Again, this is info we discovered. You probably won’t find anything exactly like it anywhere else yet. Hopefully, however, people will begin looking into and shaping this new theory. The points are there, and meditating with them has brought us relief and joy. Perhaps they will for you too!!



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