Personal Space – The Answer To Why We Are Suddenly So Dizzy!

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        Fresh on the heels of our last article on Energetic Intake, we now are concerned with the huge shifts taking place. We totally understand the situations most of you are going through, as they are happening in our house as well. I decided to write this post after receiving a few eerily similar messages stating symptoms and events that had been reoccurring. Some of these were:

  • Dizzyness
  • The sensation of falling
  • Irritability
  • Sensitivity to Certain Foods and Chemicals that were not a problem before.
  • Electrical phenomena with radios, phones, and televisions.
  • Sudden and erratic illnesses
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Sensitivity to Lights, Colors, and Sounds.
  • Heightened senses.
  • Depression

Now if some of these worry you, check with your doctor first, but for those who have seen it arise recently and figure there may be a phenomenon at play, you are right… probably 3 fold. There are 110 blogs explaining what the cause of these symptoms are, but I am here to consolidate them and to help perhaps clarify some things. I will put links to some resources at the end of each item for further reading.


Cause 1 – Magnetic Shift:

One cause for a large shift is a literal shift. According to astrologers, Earth’s magnetic field is weakening at a rate of 5% per decade, and this is causing a large vibrational shift as well. Not only is the magnetism of the earth shifting but so is the way in which we process earthen energies.


Cause 2 – The Age of Aquarius

Since the musical Hair from the 1970’s, people have been enamored with the age of Aquarius, however we only just left the age of Pisces in 2012. This new age, instead of representing research married to religion, as Pisces was, is focused on spiritual ascension, health, creativity, and unity. This shift means that the third eye and crown areas are going to be more open and empowered during this new age.


Cause 3 – The Sirius Alignment

An alignment the likes of which we have never seen before is taking place and the changes are huge. Sirius is merging in alignment with Mercury and Mars to bring intense visions and dreams full of wisdom to the people of earth. This is an alignment that has not happened for at least 500 years. This alignment is going to bring intense senses of past lives, a revival of past knowledge, and stronger communication between the otherworld and ours. Sirius is one of the brightest stars in the cosmos and carries the power of divine knowledge that could completely change everything for you. The little things that once were a problem are no longer going to affect you as much, as you will have a great vision for the bigger picture.


Cause 4 – X Wave

The X wave is a large circular wave of evolutionary energy that has the ability to change and adjust the energies and frequencies of many beings here on earth. These frequency changes are going to open people up to their new psychic abilities, their third eye and crown frequencies, their true purposes, and unknown truths of the cosmos. This wave of pure energy in the shape of an ouroboros is said to bring immense knowledge and wisdom to those who seek it, however it is a very harsh energy and can negatively affect people who don’t believe in metaphysics or do not have an open mind. Through these multiple simultaneous shifts, people will witness grumpyness and irritability for irrational reasons, however the X-wave is meant to bring growth, not strife.


So how do I handle all of this news?

Well obviously adjusting will be its own challenge, but there are some great things you can do to help keep calm and bring beauty into your life during this chaotic time.

  • Minimize heavy metals and toxins in your body. They can be found in non-organic foods, in deodorants, toothpaste, and hair care products.
  • Monitor your mental health. If you get irrationally happy, sad, or mad, catelog if there is a reason and warn others around you if you are having a rough time.
  • Communicate as soon as you have any ideas of self harm. Make sure you have access at all times to a health care provider and a phone.
  • Eat fresh and good-for-you foods.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Take vitamins and supplements as per your Doctor’s recommendation.
  • Meditate often and relax when possible.
  • Communicate with Friends and Family.
  • Avoid being alone too often and staying indoors too often.
  • Monitor your sodium intake.
  • Take good care of all of your energy points.

If you have more questions about distinct things I missed, comment below and I will answer. Hope this clears up some of those questions I have been receiving.

Love you all!



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