Environmental Wealth Pt. 1 – Mini Money Shrine DIY

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If you know us, you know just how important Feng Shui and shrines have been in our lives. We have a house FULL of shrines, but the most important to me only takes up about 36 sq inches.

11823950_10205959284375353_732646063_nYou may not have access to all of these items right off, but I will give you some quick tips on how to make one of these to keep the wealth coming in.

First of all, what is a wealth shrine good for? Well this one happens to have two different mantras on it that I absolutely love. The first one is the Hindu mantra “Om Vasudhare Svaha” which loosely translates as identifying your consciousness as one with the universe, and asking the universe in turn to offer you a stream of wealth.

The second is “Abundance is our birthright,” getting at the philosophy that we share here that we are spiritual beings having a human experience to create unity and growth — and that abundance in all things boosts our abilities to do what we are here for. Abundance here not only means wealth in materials, but health, community, and love.

Having the phrases right there and labeled there on the tray helps me when I am feeling down about my worth. By reciting one of these, I feel a boost and it helps me do my work more efficiently.

Now let us get down to the nitty gritty of what exactly you need and how to get the job done.

First you need:

  • A statuette or picture of someone or something that represents wealth. To me, I used two cherry Fu-Dog statues, the Hindu Buddha and the Chinese Money Buddha, but other shrines in the house feature Ganesha and Laxmi as well. You could even use a tiny printed picture or a written note with a name on it such as “Hail Fortuna!”
  • A tealight or some candle, preferably blue, green, or white.
  • At least one coin, be it antique, collectable, or current. The more the merrier.
  • An incense holder if possible.
  • A setting in which you work, review bills, open your mail, or brainstorm. Wherever money or wealth comes into question or desire.
  • A location. In classic feng shui, it will be in the East or North East of your home, or more directly, of your room or office. In Western Feng Shui, it will be at the rear left of your home or room when facing in from the door or greeting point.

Alright, so now what?

Well first of all, decide where you want it. You can have it in every room if you wish, or in one section of the home, or anywhere in between. Mine is facing Easterly as I usually work with conventional Feng Shui.

Once you place it, decide how extravagant you wish to be. Place your statue or image and then place your other items evenly around it. Avoid tipping the scales of geometry and make sure everything is nicely squared up.

When paying honors, say one of your mantras. You can use mine, or come up with your own. Many use phrases such as “I am wealthier already,” or “Enrich my wallet, enrich my life,” or even “Pay My Way So I May Pray.” Whatever is comfortable to you in any language.

Understand that if any aspect of it makes you uncomfortable, this will not work efficiently.

If you want other ideas on how to expand this shrine, look up or shop for Feng Shui Coins, Money Cats, Money Frogs, Dragons, Fu Dogs, statues of Fortuna, or items made of gold, pewter, or bronze.

Anything painted green works too though!!

After you have set it up, light your candles and incense, and say your mantra 1 or 1,000 times, depending on how dire the moment is or how able you are to chant (based on people around you, trouble speaking, etc.)

Even if you wish to walk by and say the mantra in your head, you are putting energy toward your future!


Hopefully, by the end of it, you will have an amazing little shrine like mine that has brought me so many great friends and customers, and has also helped boost my health. I keep mine in my office. Likelihood is, if I’m chatting with you or filling your order, my happy Buddhas are smiling nearby. Hope this helps!

Love, Light, and Lots of laughter to you!


Carmen Marie

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