Are you talking to “Ghosts” or “Ghouls”

Are you talking to “Ghosts” or “Ghouls”

-How to get the most out of your spiritual communication-

Written for Paranormal Temptation’s Event “Fact Checking in the Paranormal”

The Witching Hour: 5:29 pm

Listening to: All of You – Betty Who

Lately we have seen a huge shift into the metaphysical and paranormal communities. The interest in communicating with spirits has skyrocketed with some attempting to increase their ability to communicate for the “Wow” factor, and others who are seeking spiritual healing and the benefits of being in contact with higher realms. New practitioners need to be aware of some do’s and don’ts with spirit communication. Whether you are using equipment, or just practicing prayer or communication in your home, the benefits of spirit communication can become severe detriments if you don’t have a grasp on how to communicate safely, and understand what information is correct, and what is not.

Here are some general guidelines and rules when entering into a practice of spirit communication:

  • Deception is the rule not the exception. It happens more than it doesn’t.
    1. Demonic sprits have more concentrated energy, and are more capable of manipulating equipment. Their energy is not appropriated for use by any divinity, while that doesn’t make them completely evil or malicious, it does give them a greater chance to be.
  • Fear draws negative entities, and creates an infinite loop of scare tactics, phenomena, and confusion.
    1. Spirits feed of off the energy you contribute to the environment.
    2. The more energy you contribute, the more response
      1. Consider equity…
      2. More living people take away more energy, so they must all equate for their energetic burden on their space to create an abundance of energy for spirit to use.
  • The more people, the more energy you have to account for.
  1. Three people is generally the most effective because you can better determine who is falling short, and better control the contributions of energy.
  2. With more people, people tend to think they don’t have to contribute as much energy, but that is not the case. You must always contribute from yourself an amount of energy the same in all communication to the degree of response you would like, if you do not, you are an energetic burden, and hinder the voice of spirit.
  • Spiritual communication is not a primary source.
    1. It must be translated through a medium.
      1. Human
      2. Machine
  • Environment
  1. Just as the bible has been translated through centuries, the original version is the only primary source. A translation is a secondary source and its validity depends on the interpretation of the translator
  2. In spiritual messages the translator is you. Even if you are an expert, your translation will never truly represent the entire message. You must leave room for that error in your considerations.
  3. Spiritual messages are guidance, guidelines, and snapshots of a full picture.
  • To be successful and safe, you must be confident, not cocky.
    1. Spirits should be approached with openness and respect, but that does not guarantee that they will give the same treatment.
    2. Approach communication with patience, assertiveness, compassion, and with an intention.
  • Physic and aural hygiene will affect your health. Mental, physical, and spiritual. You may be attacked or affected by a spirit without any knowledge, much later after your experience, and possibly to the detriment of your livelihood.
    1. Always consult with a spiritualist, friends, or light workers after investigation, or working to communicate.
    2. Someone else may see something you cannot from your perspective.
    3. True possession is gradual and comes with slow change, a channeling, or intermediate possession may seem spectacular, but damages the connection that person has to their own spirit if unintentional and can create problems with vitality.
  • Having a spiritual practice, spiritual safeguards, and a knowledge of proper communication is the only way to even approach getting a somewhat accurate or important message from spirit.


  • Approach your communication with thoughtful intention and grace.
    1. This will give you direct answers, more clear answers.
    2. Silence, if you have set a clear intention, means that your intention is not shared, but is being respected OR That you are not in need of guidance from that spirit.
    3. To set the best intention, spiritual practices such as prayer, energy clearing, and sanctification of the area you are working in, help to increase the probability that your intention will be respected.
      1. By this we mean setting a barrier or boundary for spirits to move through who want to speak, this is temporary, like setting up a tent. Not permanent like an exorcism of the area, which can be often inconsiderate and disruptive.
    4. This shows spirit you are serious, and mean what you say.
  • Bring thoughtful offerings to spirits.
    1. This gives them energy, excitement, promotes good will, and increases the willingness to help and respect for you.
  • Raising energy gives spirit a stronger voice.
    1. Some spirits may be trying to communicate but not have enough energy to overcome the voices of others with more energy to be heard.
    2. Provide the energy and form for all spirits who match your intention to be able to speak.
  • Make sure you know who you are speaking to before you continue on talking.
    1. You should always clarify when receiving a message, EVP, or other data, with whom you are speaking.
    2. State that you only wish to talk to that spirit at the time being OR spirits that want to be helpful to you or others.
    3. Address that you will allow for others to speak at a later time, and make sure to deliver on that promise.
  • Establish a relationship with your environment so that you develop an energetic bottom line. (During the Day!!!)
    1. This helps you to be open to the energy that is there so that you aren’t spooked when it is dark, and lend yourself to overreaction to phenomena.
    2. In order to be objective, you cannot psyche yourself out. You must be open to the truth, and not your hopes and wishes for a sensational experience. A meaningful communication will be more satisfying, accurate, and rewarding.
  • Always be grateful


  • Don’t ask loaded or biased questions.
    1. This may upset a positive spirit who is looking for perfect trust from you.
    2. It is difficult to communicate a full message without energy contributed in the other direction. A spirit who is attempting to respect your intention and communicate is often working very hard, and if you are not able to reach out to them to communicate, it seems very unfair, and disrespectful to ask them these kinds of questions.
  • Don’t block spiritual pathways with your equipment.
    1. Set up offsite.
    2. The reason being is that if there is spiritual activity, you will be in their way and upset their environment. Think of spirits as actual people. You will get more accurate and honest answers.
    3. When exploring a hospital, set up in a lobby. Ask questions at the reception area. Ask if you may go “visit” a patient, etc. These will get better responses.
  • Don’t “HUNT” spirits.
    1. Spirits will find you anywhere, anytime if you call out to them with your intention.
    2. You can investigate a location without ever going. If you don’t believe us, come have a session with us J
  • Don’t use PAINFUL MEMORIES to evoke spiritual activities.
    1. We went to an Event at Sloss Furnace where they set someone on fire to create more activity. This upset and offended the spirits. About the only thing that helped raise energy in a compassionate way was the fire itself. And by itself.
    2. Offerings, messages they haven’t had the opportunity to share, sharing happy memories, will get you farther and faster.
  • Don’t assume you are entitled to an answer.
    1. Just because you don’t get an answer doesn’t mean there are not spirits there.
    2. You do not rule them, they are not “STUCK” so much as they chose to stay and teach their lessons, or to help. A spirit actually being stuck is very rare, and would only occur in the presence of a demonic entity entrapping them. Not all demonic entities do that either.
  • Don’t imprint your emotions upon them.
    1. You cannot ask questions with loaded emotions, meaning if you are investigating somewhere where you feel a tragedy has occurred, maybe the spirits don’t see it as tragically as you do.
      1. 9/10 spirits have VERY LITTLE emotional density
      2. We see more projection on interpretations from researchers, than we feel the severity of what was reported.
  • Often we are told by spirits that these messages have been misconstrued.
  1. Approach answers objectively
    1. You may need to establish a rapport, and re-visit for more clarification.
  • Never assume that you or your team alone has the whole picture.
    1. You don’t. You never will.
    2. It is important to understand that with every different circumstance, there will be different amounts of communication and different messages communicated.
    3. For a similar intention, a similar messages will occur time and again, if it is true.
    4. If many people go with many different intentions set, they will all have different experiences.
    5. The “intention” is the controlled element, or controlling factor in spiritual communication, and without a consistent intention, you will never find repeated evidence or phenomena.
    2. It is not worth it to get “evidence” if it is inaccurate, and could cost you your mental, physical or spiritual health.
    3. Even if you are acting in a helpful manner, remember that a lifeguard is always told to protect themselves first, otherwise, there will be more victims.

Perfect Love. Perfect Trust.

Always remember the function of a Ghost.

A Ghost is the spirit of someone who has CHOSEN to stay in the area for reason of teaching a lesson, protecting living people from harm or spiritual influence, or to bring the past to the present so that it is remembered. For a spirit to keep its earthly connection, it must contract with a divine source of spiritual energy to do so, as well as take energy from the environment that will serve as the spirit’s energy for communication and manifestation.

If you are encountering a Ghost the experience is meant to be enlightening and not frightening or a burden. You are NEVER going to need to save a Ghost, help it move on, or do anything other than hear its lesson. There may be specific cases where there is a problem, but it is not the job of a paranormal investigator to take that into their hands. Remember, there are many other factors that contribute to paranormal phenomena, and if you are not willing to spend the time, energy, and do your own research of spirituality, and create a full and comprehensive picture of how to handle the situation, or answer honestly whether it is a problem or not, you are only wasting your time and energy, as well as that of the spirits who are present.

Ghosts want to communicate, help, and guide. They do not need a savior, and if you wish to receive their lessons and perspective of the past, you must enter their space with simply the intention of visiting with them. This means you should approach them like you are going to visit your grandparents, and hear about their life and times. Whether the spirits were connected in their past life to inmates, mental patients, or victims of tragedy, in spirit they are no longer bound by those affliction, pains, or circumstances. Spirits do not have emotional pain from their past lives while they are incarnate as simply spirits. Once connected with another body, that may change, but the lessons and reflection from those memories will still serve the purpose of education and healing in more ways than they had the opportunity in the life that has passed.

If you are seeking to gain knowledge of the past, guidance for the present, or to simply enjoy the company of a spirit, then your intention will get you accurate and helpful information. You may not hear an answer to the question you have asked, and you should understand that spirits will only contribute their energy, if communication is guarded by such an intention, or if it is important and helpful to you or others in your life. If they do not have a lesson for you, then you should be understanding that they are not speaking because they need their energy to help someone else who may later down the line. In this case, contributing your own energy may help communication, but does not guarantee it will occur.

The truth is in the mouths of many.

Remember you have a Spirit Too

Inside of you lives a spirit. Connected to you at all times. Through your own spirit, you may communicate with other spirits. It is important that you understand that what you are experiencing when talking to entities is something you experience every day through your intuition from your own spirit, and your own guides. Your everyday life, past lives, and the experience of your own spirit separate from your waking consciousness, area all entitlements you have as a human being with a soul.

We recommend that anyone who is truly seeking spiritual answers, to communicate accurately with spirits, should explore their own spirit first. Knowing who you are spiritually makes a big difference in how spirits communicate with you. Is your spirit male? Female? Have you had past lives as a felon? Does your spirit have karmic stains that you are trying to correct? All these questions, your history, and your current relationship with divinity, your spiritual practice, and how you hold and command the space around you are contributing factors in how accurate and effective your communication will be.

First start your journey with opening yourself up to your spirit and your guides. Establishing a relationship with your own spirit will help you better understand how spiritual communication works, and will aid you in communicating with spirits that are not currently connected to a living body. Also, keep in mind that spirits do not have to be connected to a body to affect you. They can use spiritual energy, just as you can, to affect you, their environment, and the energy around them. If this weren’t true, there would be no such thing as the paranormal field because there would be no mediums, no EVPs, and no intuition.

Final Notes

In order to have accurate communication with spirit you must contribute appropriate energy, intention, sanctify your space, be respectful, and let the messages come and be interpreted without bias. Spiritual messages are translations by the practitioner, and should be considered secondary sources. To check their accuracy, they must be compared to physical records that are primary sources as well as other people’s experiences. The only way to get the truth, helpful guidance, or a clear picture from spirit is to come with “Perfect Love, and Perfect Trust” of everyone present (including spirits) and to understand that the “Truth is in the Mouths of Many.”

We hope that this information is helpful for anyone attempting to communicate with spirit.

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