Atlanta Reflections Pt. 1


{Carmen with Butch, Curtis with Obie, Mom the Crone, Josh with Dante}

The Witching Hour is: 1:07

Currently Listening To: Gold by Kiiara

Many folks are wanting to know what exactly has been going on with us. Long story short, We moved to Atlanta in October with our friend Josh, something that was quite a feat in itself — as 20 somethings who left college to pursue MM, well we were quite overwhelmed at the prospect of bills… but we have done well getting used to melding the magickal life with the prospect of taxes and cable bills. Soon after, in November, we got a virus. In December, we were struck in a car accident. With the new year came strep throat and the lacking of a car. In came February, with a new car and a new outlook…and a new roommate!

So it has been quite a whirlwind since we moved to The Southside. It’s been an amazing journey so far, but there is something we have noticed. Going to many meta stores around here, and meeting a variety of people, we can honestly say that this place needs a lot of healing and a lot of love. People here can be really down, sad, and careless, something we are not used to from living in a one-stoplight town. While getting used to the hustle and bustle of this new place, we have constantly wondered if we were in over our heads with the idea that we should bring some growth to a place that boasts almost 10 million in population.

The answer is yes, but it is definitely going to take more effort than South Carolina did.

We are quite excited about our developments here though, and the developments through MM. We are adding at least 3 giant changes to the company, and are looking forward to reaching more people than ever. This place has taught us a great deal of how numb people get when they don’t receive help or nurturing.

And on that note, we want to dish out a little thank you — these are the people, other than our customers, that have helped us grow our business first hand, through inspiration, through instructions, or through their spiritual helpers:

  • Anna Kotovou – You helped me with my first ever event and changed the game for us!
  • Magnolia and Ash – Your spirits and the bevvy of information gave me my start when I was 11/12.
  • Verna May – You have given amazing advice and are always vigilant and willing to help.
  • Shannon Larsen – You have given me feedback and have given me hope when I was first starting out.
  • My Mother (Duh!) -You told me to try using my talents to grow a life around. It worked. You helped Curtis and I not kill each other a few times and taught us how to have an old-fashioned working relationship as colleagues, siblings, and best friends. You are always our crone.
  • Akiba Michels – You are always there with quips and funnies and I love it! Plus, when times get hard, you help out with tools that make a difference, for that, I thank you.
  • Our Patient and Understanding Customers — without you guys, we would be nothing.

There are more that will inevitably come to me later — but without the help of you guys, our mission would be nonexistent. We have a passion for the paranormal that we want to use to enrich the lives of many… we want to see growth, community, and much more come from this experience. Together we can make great things happen! We love you all!!

Remember how far we have come, and how far we can go. Never lose sight.


Curtis’s and My first paranormal event…2013

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