What’s In a Vessel? Pt. 1

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So many people wish to know what kinds of stones their vessels are. Truth be told, we let the entities choose their vessels, but as they do not actually ‘live’ within them, most of the time, they choose these vessels based on how they can help their human friend who has chosen to make the  connection happen. In the WIAV series, we will go through the different types of vessels we offer (most of them, anyway) and will help clarify some of the questions about the pendants you have been receiving.



A dark blue or cobalt colored stone with white calcite pockets interspersed. Sodalite is an angelic stone with a focus on inner peace and growth as a charitable person. Sodalite is a great stone for activity and health, but can also bring quietude to the unconscious or subconscious mind, especially when one is trying to rest. It is a lucky stone for athletes, healthcare professionals, and writers.


Malachite: Malachite is a beautiful multi-toned green stone with a copper base. Malachite improves the appreciation of all things in life, and can help bring feelings of euphoria to a person. Malachite is known as the all-healing stone and can assist with the balancing and empowering of the heart chakra. Malachite has long been worn at the throat to help people be honest speakers and to also heal chest ailments. This Is a stone that encourages adventure, stimulates one’s creativity, and helps one defeat shyness and insecurity.



Onyx is an astringent stone that can help people release trauma, guilt, grudges, grief, and melancholy. It is a powerful stone to separate people from tough relationships, overbearing parents, or jobs that may be crushing their spirits. You will find that you get a boost of responsibility of self, sharper senses, and a healthy, balanced confidence when working with this stone. It also absorbs negative energies and karma.


Mahogany Obsidian:

This stone has long been associated with the god Pluto, god of the underworld and keeper of hidden treasures. This stone is a great stone for grounding and release, but also holds the fiery aspect of creation, divination, and aspiration. This stone is very useful for times when you find yourself having to stand against an enemy, and having to stay true to yourself and your morals. This Is an amazing strength stone, and can also remove blockages, improve circulation, and renew your confidence and sense of purpose.


Red Veined White Onyx:

White Onyx is something most people are not familiar with. It appears a lot like marble with the various striations and textures, but what this stone truly is, is semiprecious splendor. The banded white onyx helps one ward off painful and destructive thoughts, and helps the individual disregard temptation from darkness. You will find that this charm helps increase and amplify mental strength, perseverance, creativity, and primal energy.


Dalmation Jasper:

Dalmation Jasper’s primary mission is to eliminate disillusionment, allowing people to be more realistic about faults, flaws, and positives. This stone is extremely grounding, but also brings aspects of purity and cleaning of energy. This jasper helps with increasing loyalty and joy in a relationship or friendship, is said by healers to bring purity to the bloodstream, and is also an aide against nightmares!



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