10 Things They Don’t Tell You When You First Join The Meta Community.

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So dipping your toes in the questionable waters of the paranormal is truly something unique and somewhat overwhelming at first. In this age of the search engine, most of us bumble around attempting to self-teach thousands of years of sacred teachings…no big deal, right? Well there’s a lot of misconceptions that still have decade-long seekers scratching their nose.This is not uncommon, because many of us are shy little broom-closet dwellers who dream of the towns in Disney Movies when the 13 days of Halloween begins, and magick is not a taboo. Social Media such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, and Facebook among others have muddied the waters with oodles more information. So where do we start? What if we have already started? Oh dear! Well let’s jump into some common misconceptions and confusion-points.

  1. Meditation does not start easy for any of us…. and for folks like me, you may never really get the hang of a ‘classic’ meditation practice. Still my mind? Wait, what? Sorry, I was too busy thinking of the last time I filled the dog’s water bowl and exactly which of Baskin-Robbin’s 32 flavors I like the least…or what it’d be like to have a kid, name him Davey Jones, and watch him go through high school avoiding locker jokes. The truth is, meditation is about finding a place of calmness and stillness… reflection. For some of us, the most still we can get is someone else’s 3,000 rpm. That’s okay. The whole meditation thing is important because it’s a session of taking personal inventory. Who am I, What am I, and where am I emotionally today? What’s today’s project in the world of becoming a better me?
  2. You are still going to through it. Through all of it. You’re not here to spell and abracadabra your way out of personal development… That’s just not happening. Spells, entities, religious and spiritual working, those are all the sandpaper that gives us an amazing end result, but why sand an entire tonne of fine maple to get to a doorknob? Most of these things you are going through are supposed to shape you, to give you a little karmic jolt, and to help you shape yourself into a better Earth Angel. Nothing you go through is pointless, and it is likely not punishment. Just consider this the final exam before graduating to the next step. You’re always growing!
  3. Even Gurus have questions. Curtis and I are very passionate about this point. We spent entire summers going to different temples, shrines, churches, cathedrals, homes, back yards, lakes, creaky little back rooms, and more to learn about different ideologies, theologies, and the way people see life. No matter who is sitting on the elevated pedestal above you, no matter who wears the gold cords, carries the ceremonial sword, or reads from the holy book, they are on the same level as you with this life stuff. Believe me. You won’t find many folks out there who have all the challenges knocked out. Trying to grow makes you much wiser than the person who feels they have accomplished it all already.
  4. You now identify the soul in every being… so no more bacon. I cannot tell you how many people in a day ask about my opinions on this. Diet doesn’t make you evil unless you are eating something clearly illegal — I’ll say that much. Raw, vegan, vegetarian, halal, I could go on — all of these are amazing and viable options, but you are not a terrible person for eating whatever it is that you have always eaten. Of course, if your religious practice commands a certain diet, or if you have health issues, be conscientious about that. The point I am trying to make is that you can value all life and still take from the stirring pot. Many Native American traditions honored the creatures they consumed before death. Survival and health habits can be a grey area. Remember, it is all about intention here. If you would like to blur the lines more, try cage-free or grass-fed options.
  5. You’re never going to have it all figured out. When you first dip your toe into the wonderful waters of metaphysics, you want to learn ALL THE THINGS! You are so overcome with information that you must start digging yourself out of the infoheap. You are never going to finish digging, but it is okay to be a neophyte, as it is okay to be a sage. If you focus on the journey instead of the end result, you’ll be the guiding instead of the guided in no time.
  6. It’s like a buffet where you have never seen any of the food before. Often people will ask you what you believe in, and when asked the same, will provide you a list about 9 pages long. For instance I am a pantheistic occultist pagan with a concentration on the Egyptian Neter and a priestesship in 3 different traditions. Don’t worry about your labels, they will come in time, and you will have fun describing them to every. single. person. at the meetups. Dabble in things. It’s okay. You may have naysayers who feel you are ‘not serious.’ This is something we have faced over time as well. Those people are mean. Don’t listen to them. Branch out, try it all, something will just -fit-.
  7. There’s more of you than you could ever even know. You don’t think so, but as soon as you wear crystals or talismans in public in most regions, people pop all out of the woodwork to talk to you about these things. Living in a town of 1,000 I can honestly say within my first 2 weeks out of the broom closet, I was drowning in questions and commentary. You do have support somewhere out there!
  8. Unless you are Ryan Reynolds rich, you may have to substitute. Though people will often argue this I will say it till I’m blue in the face – there will be times when you need to do a late night ritual, or when you need to protect yourself, and you are not necessarily going to have brick dust, angelica root, or wormwood on hand. Sometimes you need to fill your basket at Wal*Mart with McCormick, Morton’s, and Mainstays. These are my 3 mighty M’s. I buy discount candles, kosher salt, and will admit there have been times where I got my banishing basil from the same spot I got my meatloaf seasoning. It’s all about intention. Not to mention, you will NEVER run out of spices.
  9. You are going to have urges to let your crazy out. I’d be lying if I said “Sarah Spirit Keeper, you are never going to feel weird about being in the Meta lifestyle.” Only because, you will hear, see, feel something ‘unusual’ or ‘funny’ and you can’t really elbow-punch Cheryl Churchgoer in the grocery line and inform her with gusto, “My drow is just so full of himself today! Do yours ever get randy after being cooped up at the office on a Friday?” It’s okay. Channel it online. Trust the girl who spoke to Curtis rather loudly about a talisman that called on archdemons at the very conservative Japanese buffet in the middle of nowhere. Sir in the Dickies, I am sorry to you and your lovely wife, I had no clue your hearing aide was quite that strong.
  10. Every Third Eye Sees Differently! Everyone expects to see, touch, feel. This skill is different in everyone. Some do! Others see glimpses, or hear in their subconscious. Some feel energy, some see stop motion in their subconscious visual. Some see lights, others feel warmth and cold, some hear noises, others maybe just ‘know’ what is happening. All of these are valid and can be expanded upon. They are not wrong or ‘not working’. Many folks have different ways of interpreting and seeing, and this is based upon bloodline, spiritual origin, and so many other things. While we are on the topic — Third eye surgeries — they can work, and often DO. Just note that you cannot expect a windfall of change from any third eye work without exercise. You must meditate, and run through a variety of experiments to work on your ability. It would be like getting a new leg and whining that it doesn’t walk properly, and you want another one. You’d be told by this odd imaginary leg transplant doctor that you need to stretch it and use the damn thing! Your third eye is no different!

All in all, this is a constant growing process, something that involves a lot of attention to detail, a lot of faith, and a lot of communication. Truth is, if we can do it, we know you can do it. Keep your head up, and try your hand at meditating again! We have faith in you and love you all. ❤

Love, Faith, and best wishes,

and tons and tons of fairy kisses. 😉

  • ♦ Carmen of Team MM

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