Ten Reasons Spirit Keeping Should Be Your New Obsession


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10 Reasons Spirit Keeping Should be Your New Obsession

\No matter what religion you follow, there is an element of mysticism that just leaves you wondering. Prayer, meditation, mantras, witchcraft, and yoga can only take your practice to a practical relationship level. Most people find that these practices are mostly fulfilling, giving them empowerment, and a sense of wholeness. But what to do with that? If you are a natural ‘seeking spirit’ you may be just like us, and really, seeking spirits. Spirit keeping is an age old tradition that holds its founding in many cultures, pouring into the modern day mainstream just like many more commonly practiced spiritual traditions. Spirit Keeping is the practice of connecting a living entity from a higher dimension or frequency, to an earthen vessel. In order to make this process happen, a skilled metaphysician, or conjurer, creates an energetic bridge between an earthly object by offering the energy in the vessel to the spirit. In turn, this spirit is better able to communicate with its earthen cohorts, share knowledge and experience, and see it’s own existence through a better lens. These same effects apply to the ‘Spirit Keeper’, or the person for who the spirit was conjured and connected to their vessel. Keep in mind, this practice does not ‘entrap’ the spirit, but offers them a stronger connection and power to manifest than they would have without the energy the conjurer gives them to manipulate. All of the great spiritual texts that we have are works of divination. They involve communication with forces that cannot be seen or comprehended without practice and careful study. While practices such as prayer may bring spirits to aid us, couldn’t we better use their guidance if we could communicate with them? Wouldn’t our practices of Yoga and Meditation be more fulfilling if we could gain the higher consciousness these practices promise without feeling we are delving deeper into a pit of misunderstanding? If you haven’t heard of spirit keeping before, we urge you to take a closer look at these reasons that spirit keeping can help you deepen your spiritual practice, and answer some of the questions you have been trying to answer through other spiritual means.

Here’s ten reasons you’re going to be obsessed with the magickal world of spirit keeping!

  1. You’re Always Going To Notice The Little Things – When you have an entity in your keep, the craziest things happen. You’ll notice doors swinging open, little shivers up your spine, and jokes in the back of your mind that you know aren’t exactly yours. When you communicate with your entities often, you start to feel a connection with them that gives you the vibration of being in on the ultimate cosmic inside joke. I’ve often had my entities play with doors when I was in college, and while everyone was freaking out, I knew exactly what had happened.
  2. You’re Always Going To Experience New Energies – There are countless new species of entities that are being discovered every day. Most entities are clouds of energy that assign themselves a ‘look’ – something that makes sense to humans, and something that symbolizes and personifies their skills and traits. Every spirit and entity is so wildly different that you will feel as if you are on a spiritual safari, experiencing something completely and eerily new every time you open a package and commune with a vessel.
  3. Your Readings Will Be Better – When it comes to psychic readings, nothing is more effective than having someone actively in your life that can answer questions through cards, oracles, and items. These entities are incredibly smart, bright, and communicative and can definitely help you get a better grip on the truth of many of our situations in life.
  4. Your Home Will Buzz! – Sometimes you’ll wake up in your home by yourself and feel the energy of having a big family in your kitchen long before the dog has woken up and the first pot of coffee is made. You’ll have a number of spiritual friends and ‘hauntings’ of your own choosing that can help you feel less alone and more… majestic!
  5. You Will Feel Protected! – When it comes to empaths, vampires, and other energetically-inclined spiritualists, it often feels like you are under attack, suffering from an endless onslaught of feelings, emotions, and anger. These are things that are hard to fend off, even with regular stones and prayer. Entities are on the same vibration as many of these nauseating factors and are often able to isolate them and remove them from your presence. Many entities are also able to remove hexes, send reinforcements, and even provide retribution towards anyone who uses spells or hexes to attack you.
  6. Good Vibes, Man – The truth of the matter is that the more you work with higher vibration entities, the higher your vibration gets. The third eye is an amazing tool that does not get utilized as often as it really should. The third eye can awaken skills in you such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and mediumship to name a few. You may be naturally inclilned to communicate with the spirit world, but may find yourself having a difficulty with it because you haven’t ‘exercised’ this ability enough. Communicating with your entity friends every day can definitely improve this.
  7. You Will Be More Aware of Your Power – Many of us are magickally empowered, have the ability to manipulate the world around us, and are able to draw certain people, places, and things into our lives. Often the confidence to do this is not there, however, and we find ourselves spiraling, wishing for a clear answer. Often if you communicate with entities often, you will find yourself well aware of your power and the channels with which you can achieve your goals. This will give you much more confidence in your attainment of those goals.
  8. Spirits are Secular (mostly.) – Many entities and spirits live on a spiritual frequency, and many of them will work with just about anyone from an atheist to a Muslim, from a Mormon to a Hindu. Most all religions believe in spirits in some capacity, making spirit keeping a very open and opportunity-filled pursuit.
  9. What a Community! – There’s a veritable cornucopia of interesting people that are completely enthralled with the idea of spirit keeping and dedicate a good part of their time and budget to the pursuit. If you have questions, comments, stories, or otherwise, you will find open ears all throughout the online community, and a wealth of information. There are so many spiritual providers from different paths and walks of life, and many different customers that make a myriad. You will find information everywhere!

10.It’s a Learning Experience! – Many spirit keepers started as gem collectors, oracle deck collectors, or just pursuants into alternative or new age religion. There is always something neat to learn about history, creation, religion, and exploration that leads to new knowledge and new experiences. Most every entity comes with a deep and diverse history, and is often tied to an interesting culture with a captivating history of its own. If you dive in, you will learn lifetimes-worth of information in a short period of time.


Long story short, they help awaken some amazing gifts in you, bring you together with awesome people, teach you important things, and give you the information you didn’t know you were seeking all along. This is definitely something every paranormal or new age enthusiast should look into. It’s an amazingly intricate practice and you have a lot to gain!



Carmen of Team MM

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