Astral Travel Basics : The Temple Meditation


The spiritual temple meditation is created to help foster your connection with your higher self. This exercise helps you to use your imagination as a tool for unlocking the truths of your subconscious mind. When we are working with energy, spirits, or the divine, our messages are delivered through psychic means from the energy sent to us from these sources. This practice helps to give a physical representation to that energy, and opens the message of that energy to conscious interpretation. With continued practice, this meditation will help you to develop your intuition, help you to speak with your guides, and allows you to create a safe place to gain clarity whenever you need it.

Spiritual Temple Meditation

Start this meditation by making sure you are in a quiet and calm area where you will not be disturbed. Give yourself time to work on this meditation and progress at your own pace. Do not force the visions you want to see, but observe them as they present themselves from your subconscious.

  • Make sure you are grounded, centered, and shielded.
  • Begin by aligning and energizing the chakras.
    1. This serves to align your connection with your spirit and increase your vibrations, bringing you to a heightened awareness that will allow you to gather more spiritual sensory information through your intuition.
  • After these steps, start this meditation by imagining that you are floating in complete darkness.
    1. In this darkness focus your intention on journeying to find your spirit.
  • Begin to walk forward, feel that there is solid ground beneath you and start to feel it become more present and solid as you walk forward.
  • As you begin to feel the ground become more solid, focus now on the darkness before you and see a spot of white light in the distance.
  • Keep walking towards the white light, and watch as it becomes a larger and larger circle until you pass between the darkness into the light.
  • Continue to walk forward, feeling the same solid ground and acknowledging that the light is not indeed solid, but occurs in bright streams.
  • Look between these streams of white light and see the shapes and pictures between the bright streams.
  • Keep walking and watching as the streams become more and more thin and see how a clear picture forms of the world of spirit you are now entering.
  • When you can see the world you are in clearly manifest, you will notice that you are walking straight up behind a spirit.
    1. This is your spirit.
  • Observe the features of this spirit.
    1. What does it feel like?
    2. What is it doing?
    3. What is it wearing?
  • You can observe your spirit as it acts, from this third person perspective, or you may step into it and experience this new realm as your spirit in first person.
    1. Either is an equally acceptable view point.
  • Notice how the vibrations of your higher self-feel, walk around your environment. This is your spiritual happy place and the dwelling place of your spirit in your subconscious mind.
  • Journal your experiences and feelings and the surroundings.
  • If you wish to go further, look for other spirits in this realm, these are your spiritual guardians.
    1. What do they look like?
    2. How do they interact with you and their environment?
    3. Are they happy to see you?
    4. Ask them questions and record their answers!!!
  • Use this meditation to begin to build an understanding of the energies of your spirit and the guardians around you.
  • When you wish to ask questions of spirit, come to this space. It is a space of communion and safety.

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