2 Major Myths in the Metaphysical!


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Let’s cut straight to the chase. There are two major myths in the metaphysics that simply MUST be busted:

I. Someone can take your powers/abilities/skills from you with metaphysics or magick.

II. If a malicious person knows their name, someone can steal away your spirit companion.

These are -lies- and should be confronted as such. Those who utter such lies are bullies using their knowledge of magick and their haughty attitude to strike fear into innocent people who are honing their craft.

The two of us have been running around in spiritual circles for quite a while. We have our own personal practice and we practice with other pagans, spiritualists, and gurus to further our journey to self-discovery and connection with the divine forces that govern our little part of creation. One thing that all of these people seem to agree on a few points:

  • You are a divinely created or powerful being.
  • You are capable of anything you put your mind to.
  • Take actions that are unifying and truth seeking; do no harm.
  • Spiritual practice is meant to be empowering and should help you to spread and live the truths you discover through your practice.

These fundamental tenants of spiritualism allow us to unite and connect with a variety of opinions and points of view. I like to say “The truth is in the mouths of many”, meaning that the whole truthful picture can only be discerned through the shared experiences of all people and beings.  With this in mind, let’s get to the topic of this blog post…

No one can take your power away from you.

Over the years we have received many threats from other witches and spiritual practitioners who believe they are capable of subduing the abilities of others. Within our community this breeds fear and concern. If we really are ‘all powerful’ and ‘capable of manifesting our desires’, doesn’t that mean that someone could manifest great evil against us?

Yes it does.

However, your power is in your ability to take your system of belief and use it to resist those who do not behave or act morally or ethically. You power is in your ability to seek the truth and use the lessons you find along the way to grow and influence your world. Ultimately, you want to leave it in a better condition that you left it, right? Your contribution and mark is important. No one can stop you from doing this if you do not let them.

Now, let’s apply this concept to some questions we have received that involve spirit keeping/spirit companionship, and psychic ability.

Power of Names in Spirituality

The first worry of many keepers/companions is that their spirits companions or guides may be ‘taken away’. The reason most cite for this possibility is the fact that knowing a spirits ‘name’ gives it power. This is absolutely not true. No one can use magic to steal your guide from you.

This is based off of the ancient belief that a name has summoning power for every spiritual being. In ancient Greece, the names of deities became prayers to invoke that same deity. This is why phrases such as “Oh, God!” became commonplace in many languages in cultures. It wasn’t a lament… It was a plea.

Since then, we have come to realize however that a name does not hold as much power over those who are not expressly divine. A name works for them much the way it does for us.

The brief history behind this concept, basically, is that names are an invocation of an energy. Think about it…why is it frowned upon to call ‘God’s name in vain’? Supposedly you are ‘invoking’ the presence of this energy. If you call it forth, you may as well be ready to make some use of it. That is a pretty decent concept to think about. I agree that…yes….you should make sure that you are honoring your creative force or matron/patron. However, universal forces surround you at all times. They are ubiquitous and surrounding you. They act in every experience of your life, whether it be to a great degree, or a small one. Part of your personal power is tapping into this energy and following its flow.

In certain Wiccan traditions as well, when you enter a coven, you are measured and inducted upon your ‘spiritual name’ or a ‘magic name’ that you choose or find through your practice. The chord that is used to take your measure will be used against you, along with your magic name, if you betray the coven. To us, this is a very sacred practice. This is powerful magic, but it is not based simply upon the chord that is representative of your physical form (akin to a voodoo doll) and the knowledge of your spiritual name. In ritual, these items were consecrated as part of a covenant. If you break that covenant, so mote it be. Any spiritual forces that were called to protect or help the group may refuse to associate themselves with you afterwards, and there may be a ritual to petition these powers to acknowledge your transgressions. But, if you have done no harm and no wrong, these powers are not going to touch you and may still be available to you. If you break no covenants, your ‘name’ is ‘in the clear’. Who has the power in this situations? You do. All interactions with spirit are relationships and there is a flow of give and take. Nothing can be taken from you if you take nothing you are not entitled to.

Since deities are omnipresent, they are available to hear your call 24/7. With spiritual beings, knowing their name is the same as knowing your best friend’s name. Calling out to them could produce many results. They may turn, they may come to you, or they may ignore you for their current task, or you may be too far away to hear. If you have a unique bond and relationship to a spirit companion or guide, then your relationship and bond is unique. Even if someone knows the name of your spirit, they will not command it, just as someone who knows your name cannot command you. If someone threatens you with magic against your guides or you because of your name….just tell them this…

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

There is no power in a name besides acknowledgement and association. Here, the matter is with whom you associate, not who is against you. Empower yourself by being surrounded by people who believe in self-improvement, self-empowerment, and who seek to use those skills to help others.

Taking Your Abilities

Now, Now…

If I had a dollar for every time someone was going to:

  • Shut my third-eye off permanently.
  • Curse me for eternity. (With whatever…you name it.)
  • Ruin my business with a revenge spell.
  • Render me loveless and alone forever.
  • Make me and my loved ones ill.

I would be so wealthy….

I would own everything….

And I would share with everyone…

So that no one ever had to feel fear toward any of the above.

Unfortunately, all negativity does is show where improvement is needed. While that is profitable for me…unfortunately, none of these people put money into my dream jar. That is because they DO NOT HAVE any.

Now that may seem a little rude, but I am not trying to say that negative people are broke…or that they don’t pay me so I don’t want to help. Not it at all. What I AM saying is that people who threaten these kinds of things are SPIRITUALLY BROKEN, and they need some serious healing. If someone threatens you with this kind of malarkey, please just take our advice and move on. The only way they will have power over you is if you waste your time worrying about them. If you are faithful in your practice and are responsible, kind, forward thinking, persevering, and take care to be self-preserving, you will live a long and happy life….Even after 300+ third-eye removing spells. Give spiritual threats a heavy sigh and say the following prayer:

“God bless its heart!”

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