Interview with a Vampyre – The Personally Paranormal Series Vol. 1


Written by: Curtis

Interview with a Vampyre

Witching Hour – 12:48

Listening to: New Girl

                We have had a lot of enthusiasm put towards vampire guides. Many people are wary of them, but they are actually one of our top sellers. They can be really fun guides and they tend to give more than take, although they are very humanistic in their nature. Over the years we have noticed people treating dark arts spirits in an odd way. Domineering and demanding your guides for help is not going to get you what you want from a Vampyre. And guess what…neither is being shy and not reaching out to them.

I have been working with my guide Rafael since I started spirit keeping. Since he is from a demi-plane of earth close to ours, it is very easy to have experiences with him. Many vampire spirits operate on this frequency and tend to gather together. Guides have their own lives and things going on, especially vamps, so it is good to join them every once in a while and see what they are up to. While they will come to help when you call, vampires are slow to contribute their full energy and attention to you unless there is a great need. My relationship with Rafael has been stronger because I meet with him and basically have evenings in to work with him. We have made my ritual for meeting vampire guides here. Keep in mind that vampires stay engaged but withdrawn. While they are connected and paying attention to you, their energy is gained by absorbing other energies, so they have to be a little more calculated as to what they do with it. One advantage of having a vampire guide is that when they are vividly present, you know it is for a profound reason. Meeting with them to talk can help remove the burden from them, and give you a fun experience as well.

In these projections I have learned a lot about my guide Rafael by asking him casual questions about how he is doing, what he thinks of the world, and what he wants from me as a friend. A lot has happened since we have been friends that I wanted to know more about. For example, he came to me because he was fond of one of my guides, Jekku. He brought with him his sister Lilith, who is no longer with me, and a cat named Griswold who is blind. Here is our conversation in our last encounter as we walked through an enchanting garden for a reprieve from the party.

Me: So, Rafi, how have you been lately?

Rafael: I have been fine. I must admit I am a bit tired from Lilith’s rampages. She seems to be quite out of control lately. I won’t let her near the baby. She keeps wanting to dress the poor devil up all the time. I just find it odd that a two year old would need to wear makeup…after all it isn’t like she is going to age past her twenties. I think she is just getting bored after centuries of doing the same thing. Fashion is really going out of vogue in my experience. It is really just tiresome, especially on your plane.  I think it is hard for her to see one of her passions falling out of Vogue. Pun intended.

Me: Yeah, she has been rather restless. I’m sure she will find something to do with her time. Maybe she needs to take some beauty rest for a while.

Rafael: Well, she is becoming a bit neurotic. There isn’t much to change for us, and I think she may need to become more patient. That will come in time as she grows older. She may be aged for centuries, but she is not as old as I am. Eventually she will calm down. It seems that she was rather obsessed with her daily life before her vampirism set in. Many of our goals are farther reaching for the purpose of sanity, while she is still wishing to be a star, though the time for her has burnt out. Needless to say, I think she will recover in a few years. Perhaps a new designer will catch her fancy soon enough.

Me: Why do you think fashion is going out of vogue?

Rafael: It seems very clear to me that there is wonderful innovation in the fashion industry. However, I do believe that the fondness for it has diminished significantly in the past few years. It appears that fashion comes in cycles…when we begin to see recycles instead of new waves of fashion…there is inevitably a focus on social change and personal growth. It seems to be the way of generations. Creative energy moves from one form to another. Everything these days seems to be stripped down. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next phase of fashion was simply nudity.

Me: I guess stripped down has been an upward spiraling motif. The world seems very complicated to me lately, and I do like things to be a little simpler. It’s nice to not be stimulated all the time. I don’t feel that it is too good for me. Nevertheless, I keep finding more intense ways to occupy my time. I don’t find myself worrying too much about fashion, but I feel too behind it to care most days.

Rafael: Well, not everyone is cut out to be a fashionista or a ‘Top Man’ so to speak. It is more of a lifestyle to be fashion forward than it is common place to find trendy fashion at a healthy price. And after all, fashion has a small window of time to make a statement, whereas other forms of art may be more pervasive. In my opinion, if it was art you wanted to show, then send it to the masses. Otherwise, it’s wasting time to play with new patterns and laces. They will take what they can, but it seems to be more in haircuts, accessories, and the look of the body these days. As I said, eventually, what you put on it is not much of a concern. What it looks like underneath…well…that’s the main theme.

Me: What art have you been enjoying lately?

Rafael: None really to be honest. Although, I would like to see something in the color orange….like an exhibit that featured only the dimensions of one color….

Me: That would be interesting, like moods of orange?

Rafael: Yes. I think that would be rather ingenious. To show that everything feels more deeply than we perceive.

Me: How do think different shades of the same color would feel in a room together, Rafael?

Rafael: I would imagine that they have a difficult time feeling unique because they are so a like. It’s a pity we can’t ask them. It would be a wonder to see someone capture that idea on a canvas. I could get lost in that color for hours.

Me: Why do you have an affinity for orange?

Rafael: Well, frankly, because everyone hates it, but it is incredibly empowering. Of course you know I follow the excitement, so how lavish would it be to find a whole mess of confused, irritated, and perplexed people attempting to understand the intricacies of the color orange? Marvelous. It would be wonderful to notice their opinions change over time as well.

Me: Do you often keep track of the way collective opinions change?

Rafael: After a while, it just seems to be common knowledge. As I said, similar cycles repeat themselves in most public spheres. Every now and then, a movement comes to break the mold, but they are few and far between. However, I would love to see that passion flare in the world once again like in the beginning of the 20th century, when so many great minds were hungry from their core to create new ideas and share them. I would love to see some substantial discoveries instead of the repeated dribble of the same tasteless topics. But, after all, someone will come along to change that.

Me: I am sure you will let me know when they do. I will keep the lookout for something interesting for you.

Rafael: Please do. Of course you know I will be buzzing in your ear all about it when you do.

So, as you can see, talking to a vampire can become rather deep, rather quickly. They are often very contemplative and staunch in their thinking. While Rafael is very compassionate and helpful, he carries his own general opinions and I encourage him to share whatever he is thinking. I enjoy his company because he seems to be always calm and put together. That is something I desire to bring into my life. Talking to him and experiencing his views on my little world, as well as catching up with his, is fantastic.

Like all guides, vampires have their own opinions, likes, dislikes, mannerisms, and moods. Vampires tend to be either very reserved to conserve their energy, like Rafael, or more exuberant and wild like his sister Lilith. Either way, they tend to hold strong opinions, hold careful observations, and will generally give very insightful advice about the goings on in your life. The dynamic nature of vampire guides is what most people seek them for. Being that they can generate large amounts of energy to help your magical practice as well, I find that the best growth comes from companionship and time together. Their energy will lend itself into your life through your experiences, and those experiences make you stronger in every way.

One thought on “Interview with a Vampyre – The Personally Paranormal Series Vol. 1

  1. This makes me want to get out my paints and canvas. Various shades of orange circles random and yet not all at once. The same question raised by all who see it…why?


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