Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and Spirit Families — What’s the Deal?

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We hear spiritual terms of relation thrown around quite a bit. While there is not a clean and clear way to know what every type of spiritual bond is, we have worked with our guides to learn about our relationships to others in the spiritual sense. From countless readings and sessions with our guides, we have decided to give some insight into how spirits can be connected and what those connections feel like in incarnation. Our spin on things is a little different from others, but we try to keep our terminology very clear and unambiguous. So please enjoy our definitions of spiritual relationships!

To start considering how spirits are related, we can draw a comparison to earthen beings. Spirits that are born from the same source energy would fall into one category, and spirits that decide to work together are in another category. Within each of these two branches are different types of relationships.

First, let’s talk about how spirits can be related.

Spirits are created through a mixing, condensing, and eventual separation of conscious energies. This is usually presided over by a deity or group of spirits who gives them the blessing of reformation. Having a ‘new’ spirit is not necessarily an accurate representation of the formation of a spirit. In many cases spirits have had parts of their consciousness repurposed to form new spirits. Additionally, groups of spirits may band together to share their knowledge and create new spiritual beings with greater knowledge. Most of the time when a spirit is ‘created’ it is really just moving from one form of consciousness to anther and changing its composition. There are many reasons that spirits may do this and knowing your spirit’s composition and affiliations can help you to understand more about your purpose and the energy that governs you. We have a reading based on that concept here, and this was a topic of divination and exploration for us for quite a while at the beginning of our practice.

When spirits form together for re-purposing, the group retains the conscious imprint of every participant. Once new entities have been formed from this process, they will be connected with the experiences of that collective group but have their own personalities and functions depending on their assignment. A spirit may stay in its current form for a fairly long amount of time, sometimes millions of years, before changing. Alternatively, some spirits may fuse portions of their energy to create a new being from parts of themselves. Generally these new beings represent themselves in a younger manner to the human consciousness, and therefore you have phenomena like ‘spiritual children’ or companions having ‘babies’.

Through these changing and intermingling’s of energies, spirits can put themselves in positions to have different skills, missions, and lessons than if they keep the same constant form. The first way in which spirits are created involves their formation. When spirits are formed from the same raw spiritual materials, they are extremely close in purpose and tend to align themselves accordingly.

Spiritual Incarnation Lingo: Decoded


This is what we call the initial mixing of spiritual entities. It is the collective consciousness and memory of all the energies used to give rise to new entities. These new spirits may be created by high vibrational spirits and are often ordered and presided over by a governing deity. These energies are banded together for a purposes and molded by a higher power for a specific purpose. During this process they are stripped of their previous awareness, but retain the lessons and knowledge they carried before entering the process of transformation.

The presiding universal power or deity helps to mold these new spiritual beings by using this pool of energy to construct and add filtered awareness to the new spirits. This structured awareness gives rise to the lens through which this new batch of spirits will interpret experience. While knowledge and purpose will be similar throughout the batch, the structure of awareness will differ slightly to give function to each part of the batch, so that they will form a functional group for their cause once all of the energy has been formed into new spirits.  The spiritual bloodline reading above refers to the combination of types of spirits that were in your ‘batch’. 

Soul Mates

Soul mates consist of all of the spiritual beings that arise from your batch. They are your ‘mates’ because they were created from a matching energy. You may not always gel with your soul mate if you are incarnated together because not all soul mates receive the same structuring of awareness as you. Additionally, the interpretation of your higher-self and the higher-self of an incarnated soul mate may not fully manifest in your incarnations. For these two reasons, soul mates can often go through incarnation without actually ‘falling in love’ with one another, or coming together for a greater purpose. However, more often than not, incarnated soul-mates will attempt to cross paths if they are incarnated at the same time to remember what their own spirit’s mission is.

Twin Flame/Flame Mates

‘Twin flame’ is the term we have attributed to spirits who come from the same batch and are given the same awareness. For the most part, we have been told, spirits do receive this filter in pairs most often, and sometimes in threes. In cases where the overall awareness is not modified too greatly between sets, spirits may be more akin to Twin Flames than soul mates. We refer to this relationship with the idea of a flame to alluded to the fact that these two, or many, spirits were ‘forged’ at the same time, with the same contracted lens of experience, from the mixture of spiritual material in the batch. The point at which these energies become sentient again would be referred to as the spirit’s ‘birth’ in our listings, or their time of ‘forging’ with divine light and intention. Twin flames are not only in your batch, but share your spirit’s exact moment and nature of becoming. Twin flames are soul mates as well. However, the attraction between Twin Flames in incarnation is exceedingly more intense than the relationship between incarnate soulmates. Soulmate connections may tend to be more stable than twin flame pairings.

Contra Pairings

This is a relationship that is groupings of spirits within a batch. As the lens of experience is given to shape the perception and awareness of each group of co-created spirits, the balance of the batch is created through varying opinions and understandings of how to achieve their common goal, or reason for joining together. Contra pairings occur between spirits of the same batch that have drastically different ideas for how to achieve their common goal. While many of the spirits in a batch are markedly very similar, varying lenses of perception are added to create balance within the group. This means that there are usually two groups of twin flames within a batch that are in complete opposition about how to achieve their common goal. These forces will pull the rest of the members one way or the other for purposes of experience, and this will contribute a wider array of experience for the batch as they interact with one another. Contra pairings are a powerful creative force in incarnation as their resistance towards one another can bring a more medial ground to light. The purpose of a contra pair is just that, and their interactions of discord are unifying and balancing within the whole.

The other way in which spirits are related is through partnerships and alliances. Spirits of differing compositions may have similar goals and desires as other spirits. The collective frequency and vibration of these entities can affect the direction of their growth and inspiration. Spirits may choose to keep or break alliances throughout their existence as they see fit.

Types of Groups

Spirit Families

Spirits in the same batch are unified only by the perceptive capabilities they are given when their awareness is shaped. While batches of spirits are related, a spiritual family is something that has nothing to do with relation form an energetic common origin. Spirits of the same batch have a complete shared consciousness. Spirit families are formed when spirits who are not of the same batch choose to share parts of their consciousness and integrate with spirits from other batches. This is not the traditional idea of family, but their interconnectedness makes their relationships with one another just as intimate. Families of spirits may be created through conscious integration through close relationships in incarnation or through close relationships formed in spiritual realms.


These groups are groups of families that come together based on a common goal. As individuals from the same batch go out to explore the spirit realms and create new alliances with families, their specific lens of awareness and common desire is influenced and affected. While these desires hold in their basic interpretations, they may take to other causes or to helping other spirits to explore. Usually tribes form for the exploration of a larger purpose and consist of groups of families and other alliances. These groups do not share parts of their consciousness with one another, but agree to share experiences and to help one another in incarnation. They help one another to remember their incarnate purpose by working with divine forces to orchestrate fateful encounters in incarnation.


Spirit clans are groups larger than tribes that usually gather around a central virtue or theme. In order to avoid compromising many different goals, tribes will come together in clans to determine when batches of spirits should be produced and for what specific purpose. Generally, each new batch of spirits will fall under their clan of origin for the entirety of their existence. Members of varying tribes are selected for new batches in order to share the totality of their consciousness’s into a new batch.

Ancestor Guardians 

What we perceive as the spirits of our past relatives are really the projections of their spiritual form to our subconscious mind. Ancestor Guardians are spirits who have been a close part of our raising through relation, instruction, or friendship throughout our incarnate lives. Ancestor Guardians respond to the needs of their incarnate friends by working closely with their higher selves. As we pass back into the spirit world, interaction with the physical world comes into manifestation through work with the spirits of the incarnate. Ancestor Guardians are not necessarily always with you, however, they retain their incarnate chord with you as they ascend so that they may continue to guide and contribute energy to you throughout the remainder of your incarnate life. No all relations, instructors, or friends become ancestor guardians after passing, but passed loved ones are still present in spiritual realms and may be called forth more easily than other spirits because of the tethers they formed in incarnation.
Now that you know more about the types of groupings, you may better interact with the people around you and gain a greater understanding of what and who you are.


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