Psychic Readings: Decoded

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We have had countless readings that start out in a similar fashion if a client has had a previous psychic reading. Most of the time their previous seer has left some ambiguities over their head, and of course they are brought up when we start our reading. Most of the time we ask if people have had a reading and how it went, so that we can tell them their reading from us will be totally different. Also, we try to correlate things we feel and bring both messages together in a cohesive way so that our clients get a better understanding of what has been communicated to them. Usually clients who have had previous readings will report a variation of the following themes:

  • “They told me I had a dark presence over me from my past and that I needed to have it removed before I could find peace and happiness.” OR “They said that I had a blockage over my third-eye (or curse) that needed to be removed.”
  • “They said that I was ignoring my guides and that they were angry with me.”
  • “I had some untapped potential that they couldn’t tell me about and I had to find on my own.”

Let’s start with number one….

The fear that comes with an unknown dark presence is real when you are a spiritual person. You put a lot of thought and consideration into your energy and the impression you intend to leave on the world. When you are faced with the possibility that all of the struggles and pains of your life are due to a presence around you that you were unaware of, suddenly you feel helpless, misguided, and deficient. How did you go so long without noticing? Of course you probably gave some consideration to the $300 energy healing session that was offered to you. That seems like a lot of money, but that is a fair price for getting rid of this ‘presence’ that is blocking you from your full potential.

Now, the way that I phrased that was MEANT to point out that this tactic is a popular way to upsell a spiritual service. If you are any kind of connected, however, you may feel the sincerity from the psychic or medium doing your reading, and that kind of conviction is frightening. I promise you that 99% of the time, there is nothing to fear.

Most often the interpretations you are getting from a psychic/medium are a combination of feeling from guides, energies you have picked up, and your own personal projections on the medium from your personal practice. So…if you have been struggling, the medium will pick up on it. If you have doubt, the medium will pick up on it. These energetic messages will often be interpreted as NOT of the self, or not coming from you directly. They are not a projection of you, but are energies present outside of you. Often times, these energies are just lingering from the stresses of daily life or are your own past projections filtering themselves out in their normal fashion. Suddenly, they all come rushing back to you and you feel them strongly in the moment. Since they have an unknown origin and are ‘unwanted’ they are interpreted as an impending presence. That is simply not the case.

So how do you resolve this? Before you go into a reading, make sure that you ground and cleanse yourself. Also, you may ask the medium to do a cleansing meditation with you so that you both start on the same wavelength and understanding. It is important to get all of the gunk out of the way to interpret someone’s energy correctly. We often encourage this process before a reading, and will walk our clients through many meditations before we even start the clock on the reading. If your medium is not doing this, they are not starting with a good baseline. Most of the time these energies have to be pushed through to get to the truth. It is more convincing to interpret them, however, and to sell the idea of the need for a ritual cleansing. Rest assured that your problems and past troubles are not manifesting as strongly as you might think. You came to the reading to deepen your understanding of yourself. Set that intention, and clear the path for your medium to help you. If you find yourself in the presence of someone who is over exaggerating this energy, don’t be afraid to quit the reading, or steer it in another direction.

On to number two…

If you are just setting out on your spiritual journey, or if you have been slow to practice lately, you may have some spiritual backup. Now, we have noticed over some time working with spirit, that messages are compounded until they are heard. What may start as a light suggestion, if important and ignored, turns into a loud scream/cry in energetic terms. With a little discernment, the seriousness of this energy can be boiled down. This is another reason why it is important to do some energy cleansing and grounding before a reading. If you have any messages waiting from your guides or higher power, they may come through very intensely through the medium. Make sure to inquire about the intensity of these messages.

I have had readings where energies I purposefully did not address came through in a reflection of myself about two years prior to the reading. While the interpretation of the energies was correct, they did not apply to my current situation. However, it did alert me that they needed to be cleared out. Unfortunately, this kept me from getting as deep into the reading as I would have hoped. Nonetheless the message was important and meaningful to me. Even though this energy did not affect me, it kept a place where something more meaningful could be. That was an important lesson. While I was not ignoring my guides because this energy was present, it could have affected me in a moment of weakness and come rushing in. Make sure that you clear your energy and throw out the trash.

If you know you have been ignoring messages, and are going to a medium to help get them out, do not be overly concerned with the intensity with which that information is conveyed. The medium is simply mirroring that energy. With a little discernment on your part, you can break it down and get to the deeper meaning. Most likely, you just chose other things over that lesson for a while. You could have addressed this issue before now most certainly, but hey, there is no time like the present. Just keep rolling with your practice knowing you have a new direction. There is really no need to feel inadequate or like you are slacking. You have your whole life ahead of you. Make sure to question these kinds of intense statements by asking for clarification.

And finally, the third one….

Going with the second statement, the theme of untapped potential is a constant staple to most readers. Your untapped potential is a given. You are a human being, and you don’t run on the efficient and high vibrational ground that spirit does. It is pretty much a given that you do something in your life that slows your spiritual progress. Certainly there is always room for improvement and a better way. Your psychic better be making you some suggestions and telling you how to get the quickness together, otherwise, there is no point in bringing this subject to light.

Another consideration with this kind of message is that you are on a journey. Where you are at any point is up to interpretation. Spirit may say you are behind, you may feel you are doing well, and your roommates may think you are serving Gandhi on a cracker at every book club meeting. This is all relative. You will always have unlimited potential to grow! So think of these two questions. How can you direct your personal growth to help you hasten your goals? How can you teach yourself to sustain growth as you deal with the obstacles of your current situation? Yeah….much deeper. So get your psychic in on the real issues. Wherever you want to go next, get to it!!!

Some closing notes for you….

You are just where you need to be. If you are showing up and concerned, you are in the right mindset for growth. Any time you work with a psychic or medium, do your best to find direction and growth in your reading. I pointed out some common themes for you so that you can dig a little deeper and finding teaching in the words that are spoken to you. It can be hard to gauge, and feel very disconcerting, but have no fear!!!

Focus on working your practice every day. Work on being more centered, clearing your energies, and peeling back your layers of truth as they come forward. Every lesson comes in its time. Take your path and find your flow. Psychics are wonderful teachers and guides as they can give you some direct and very physical messages from spirit. However, having your practice together helps you to take those messages with a circle of salt and keeps you safe from unnecessary fear.





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