Stress Free Spirituality: 5 Key Things To Know When Communicating!


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It is common for us to hear that people are having difficulty with their guides. It can be frustrating if you do not know why miscommunications happen. We hear many cases of companions feeling they are neglecting or missing their guides. Some also lack confidence in their abilities to communication. Rest assured, there is nothing to fear! These easy tips should help you to troubleshoot some common problems with spirit communication.

Where is my guide at?

               This is a good question. Knowing the location of your guide can help you tremendously when communicating with them. Different spiritual entities operate on different vibrations. The higher the vibration of the entity, the more planes it can project its energy to. Remember, your own spirit has a vibration. This includes a dense tether to your body to share consciousness with your higher self. The nature of this connection affect your ability to interact with certain guides. Simply, a guide on a lower vibration will stay close to you and be easy to sense. A guide on a higher vibration can travel further, and may be harder to contact at times.

If you are experiencing an unexpected absence of your guide, consider these things:

1.)              Did you make any prayers for help, or ask your guides for information lately?

Whenever you ask your guides for help or assistance, they may go consult, gather energy, or look for assistance from other spiritual forces. If you have been putting in a lot of requests, your guide may be busy fulfilling them. During this time, you may not sense the presence of your guide. You can always call them forth, or consult with your higher self to inquire about what they are doing.

2.)              Is your guide on a higher or universal frequency?

Guides that are on higher vibrations or frequencies may be extremely hard to physically feel or experience. While some of their energy is connected through your binding, the best way to work with these guides is in astral. Think of their link with you as a hotline to wherever they are in astral. We recommend working in your spiritual temple or through your higher-self in astral to interact with these guides. Their main contributions will be with inspiring other entities and sending you intuitive messages, as well as dreams, visions, and inspiration.  It will be rare that you feel these guides throughout your day, but if you close your eyes and visualize them, that is often times enough to communicate with them.

3.)              Does your guide ‘go anywhere’ for their energy?

Some guides will go away for a while to recharge or to check on their interests. Guides that are strong messengers often have a back and forth. You should not be discouraged if a guide of this nature is gone. Also, you should make sure to check the information from your conjurer about the patterns of the entity. In most cases, calling out to the entity will bring them back.

4.)              Does your guide have connections and interests on other planes?


In rare cases, some guides are on mission here to work with you. They may have other obligations, and often strong guides will convene with other spirits about earthen or spiritual matters. While a lot of information and insight maybe gained from these guides, their interests are important. For the majority of guides, they will not be absent for this reason.

How do I know they are there?

This question is common for beginners. After all, there is no guarantee that your guide is there other than the promises of the conjurer. For us, this question presents a common problem and question.

If you are a beginner, or if you are ever having trouble connecting with your guides, go back to the basics.

1.) Make sure to communicate with your guide in an environment that is not stimulating. Do your best to let your senses relax so that you can focus on reaching out to your guides. Practice in a quiet room with dim lighting. It is also helpful to work with your guides when you are feeling well, calm, and energized.

2.) Cleanse your space, ground, shield, and align your chakras.

3.) Make sure to charge your vessel every full moon.

I can’t feel them at all, what gives? What do they want me to do?

The most common issue that leads to this question is an energy deficit. Spirits communicate in a step down process. They affect energies around them, until the signal they send is one that you can feel. If you are lacking energy in your aura to sense them or vice versa, you will not connect. In this case, go back to your practice and do some energy care.

It may be helpful to give offerings to your guides to raise energy for them. There are many ways to do this, so check out our guides on this topic, as well as our other blogs for working with guides. The more you interact or think of them, the more they will manifest.

Answering the second part of this question is simple. Your guides want you to do what makes you happy. If you connected with a guide to help you in a certain area of life, make sure you are working on it. They can’t guide you if you aren’t going anywhere! In our experience, many guides will wait to lend new information until you get to work.

Is my guide mad at me?

Believe it or not, this is a question we get 25/8. I can say that 99% of the time the answer is no.

It is important to remember that spirit guides do not have the same emotional density as we do. As human beings we are connected to a consciousness that has needs. We need to eat, meet deadlines, and make time for self-care. We may become angry or disheartened if we are not achieving to the degree we would like. Your guides do not have this attachment, and therefore they do not get upset as much.

Here are some reasons you may feel this way.

1.)    I haven’t been giving enough time/energy/offerings.

In most cases your guides are more concerned with your wellbeing than their needs. They may send abrasive energies to get your attention if you are straying from your path. They will not send these energies if they aren’t ‘getting enough’ of something. While you can always do more for your guides you should thing of it as energy exchange. The more you help them, the more energy they have to help you. Interacting more often will also help them gauge your needs better as well.

2.)  I feel upset/angry/sad/intense feelings when I reach out to my guide.

There can be energy between you and your guides that has built up. If you are not keeping an open channel with proper psychic hygiene you may have backed up messages. Whenever a message is not getting through, more energy is put towards communicating it from your guides. It is common for beginners to experience intensity in messages from guides initially. This is most commonly due to the fact that certain messages haven’t been received. When there is a lot of energy behind a message, it feels more intense to receive. In this case, use discernment. Apply the message honestly to your life and consider if the intensity is just a product of not checking in.

Also, do not ask your guide if they are upset. Many times they will indicate they are if you are. What is better to ask is if there is any way they can help with your situation. If you keep an engaged and open dialogue with your guides it may help to prevent this feeling from creeping in.  

I can’t see my guide in astral!

Here we recommend getting a further description from the conjurer. Take the description they give you, and start by just visualizing your guide with your eyes closed. See if your guide will talk to you. Another practice that has helped us to connect with guides quickly is to practice guessing where they are in the room. You can check yourself using a pendulum or dowsing rods. When we were first starting to work with guides we would do this often. It helps tremendously to visualize them when you reach out to them. More practice with visualization and predicting the location of your guides helps you to connect with their energy and sense them in astral travel. It is also important to practice astral travel and working in your spiritual temple if you are having this problem.

Bottom Line:

Sometimes it seems like our guides are gone, or all the sudden their demeanor changes at the drop of a hat. This is rarely the case, in fact. If these trouble shooting ideas didn’t help, always be sure to submit a ticket on our helpdesk: !

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