Epigenetics, Spirituality, and Shellfish Allergies: Things You Must Know

dontbeshellfish.jpgEpigenetics, Spirituality, and Shellfish Allergies: Things You Must Know

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“Spirits are everywhere –  (BE)aware” – Curtis {MM}

Before you read please consider these two blogs:

My spiritual journey, like many I know, has been one full of breaking logical chains. I am glad I have broken them. As I have just finished some important pathworking on my personal journey, I am taking the tasks of spirit very seriously. Carmen and I were given a list of topics to look at for inspiration. One of them…”The development of the Shellfish Allergy”.

I decided to give this approach to writing a try and thought I would take this topic into consideration. Let’s discover together how these two articles make some important points about how we see our spiritual practice…shall we?

Let us begin with the first article.

Rule: Replace seafood and shellfish allergies with à Spiritual Practice; Spiritual Energy

We will just sum up the article into points:

“It’s no wonder people who have [spiritual allergies] are cautious about [what energies they consume].”

If you are adverse to spirit, you will not take the lessons well. It is scary to be faced with your own truth. This means that you must hold yourself accountable and forces you into a place of action. Of course we have resistance in action. Bodies a rest wish to remain at rest. Why would we want to disturb our peaceful and content disillusionment? Well…the answer to that is simple. When we finish our spiritual journey, our contentment is constant and pervasive. At this point, it is infinite and abundant, and we exude the energy of the divine. However, divine will is that we find this peace on our own. It is our responsibility to put ourselves into motion. At the start…we will not want to make ourselves appear to be – or actually feel – sick because our survival depends on blending in and not being picked out of the bunch. This way, we can peacefully move with the flock. However, we will always wonder what freedom lies outside of the group, and thus be paralyzed in fear of – the reaction to doing something different than the rest.

“[Spiritual allergies] often cause severe, life-threatening reactions to someone [who has them]”

When you begin your journey into spirituality, you must be willing to let go of life as you know it. If we have a desire to preserve our current life, we will never take the steps to get better.

“[Spiritual allergies] can occur at any time in life.”

People come into and out of spiritual practice at varying times and to varying degrees in their lives. The ones who reach enlightenment – or obtain a constant spiritual presence – are truly living. Their life is eternal and never ending. They cannot have these allergies or ‘afflictions’ anymore.

“[Spiritual allergies] can happen even if you do not consume [spiritual energy].”

Spiritual phenomena happen to everyone at some point in their lives. We have all had moments that we can call ‘miraculous’. In these moments we are faced with a decision – “Do I consume this spiritual energy or not?”. Most often people choose not to eat the forbidden fruit. So, they will not have the knowledge of what is good for them, or what is bad for them. They may think that they are not consuming spiritual energy, but they forget they are a spirit, thus; their entire life is a spiritual existence without their consent. Wouldn’t it be better to consume happily instead of being forced to react against your will?

“[Spiritual allergies] are not caused by iodine.”

Iodine affects the thyroid. Spiritual allergies are not of the body. So, mental illness, physical illness, or a problem with chemicals is not the reason spiritual phenomena occur. Many times miraculous and spiritual experiences are explained away as having another cause. The same we see happened with seafood/shellfish allergies. It was assumed that the answer was located and suddenly that theory was blown apart for a greater truth.

“You do not need to avoid [the medicine]”

Avoiding spiritually ordained lessons will only prolong your sickness. Eventually, you will be so sick that you will be forced to take your medicine.

“[Spiritual allergies] are not to be taken lightly; at risk for serious reaction.”

When you start your spiritual journey, you must be ready for everything that it involves. You are at high risk for personal evolution and transformation – the greatest reaction; transcendence.

Now to the second article.

Rule: Do the same as before with the quoted text in this article.

“[Spiritual allergies] are nonsensical. Why would evolution have us be allergic to the things that sustain us?”

According to the concept of the epigenome – a concept that has been around since 1942 – changes in the environment and our upbringing change the way we react to the world around us. With allergies, as we are more cleanly and less exposed to allergens in youth, we form underdeveloped immune systems. Additionally, we have created our own medicine to aid people who are predisposed to survive and reproduce; giving birth to offspring with a higher chance of contracting spiritual allergies. The combination of these two factors: non-exposure and engineered cure – causes generations to become weak, lazy, and find they do not need to do the work to survive. Still, we have the possibility in our genome to overcome our allergies. Apply a spiritual spin on this and “Voila!”, you now understand how you have been conditioned to believe that universal forces, God, and fate have no role in your health and wellbeing. Interestingly enough, they are the reason you exist – and the reason you get to enjoy life!

“The risk for [spiritual allergies] increases if you have a parent or siblings with these allergies. This allergy parallels the rise of other allergies. This falls into a new field of epigenetics; how the environment affects [spiritual allergies].”

In terms of spirituality, our environment either encourages us or attempts to invalidate our personal journeys. We are taught that logically, things are simpler than all this ‘spiritual mumbo jumbo’. This is not in fact the case. As we stray from a spiritual place, our walks in life get harder, more hopeless, and we desire to do less. I refer to this phenomena as having a sense of ‘hopelessness’. When we have become allergic to doing the work it takes to grow and have come to expect success for little effort; we have become lazy low-energy automatons with little purpose or voice.

“[Spiritual allergies] are the result of interaction between genes and environment.”

We learn our spiritual ideology from what is present around us. While we retain the capacity to change this later – by switching environments or teachers; we tend not to.

“Beyond [personal spiritual development] there is [epi-spiritual development].”

Your personal spiritual development is important to the development of others. The overall spiritual landscape needs more active participants in order to answer the tough questions about divinity and the universe. As you develop spiritually and share your journey, you help to mold and inspire a resistance to the idea that we must remain spiritually ignorant. The opposite is also true.


You are avoiding your practice because you have been conditioned to the reaction of the world. If your conditioning tells you that spiritual practice has nothing positive to bring you – you are wrong. If you believe that the totality of spirituality is in your breath alone – you are wrong. If you believe that you will reach spiritual attunement and self-actualization without sacrifice and some ‘spiritual allergy symptoms’ you are – DEAD WRONG.

Allergies may make you very ill, but are treatable. As someone who grew up with horrible allergies, I know that exposure over six years of allergy shots, brought my reactivity to a manageable point. This same point applies with spiritual practice. You get used to it as you go along. As the auspiciousness of the universe unfolds before you, you are graced with a resistance to what you have been epigenetically programmed to believe.

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