About Us


WP_20150214_005 Proof -all- of our friends aren’t of the ghostly variety, our friend Ederik and the two of us at a karaoke bar in Birmingham. || Alabama ’15

A little story about two pagans and a parrot.

In the Fall of 2012 Carmen and Curtis had a fated meeting at a college cafeteria smoking table. Both of them shared the same ‘regular’ spot, just never at the same time. A Newport was smoked, a Subway 5 Dollar Footlong was consumed, a friendship was made.

Fast-Forward to the spring of 2013, and Carmen’s mother, the Crone of the coven convinced the two to take their psychic gifts on the road, and to expand their magickal horizons. After 2 full years of college and business ownership simultaneously, the two dropped their lifestyles, packed a U-Haul and moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Now they live with a dog, four cats, and a parrot, and run their business in the heart of the South.

They spend their weekends dreaming up projects to fill their already over-loaded schedules, drinking coffee, picking out bandanas for their Sheltie, and trying to avoid pollen at all costs.

The world of Spirit is something that has introduced us to some amazing people, but even exalted the value in each other. Through Magickal Menagerie we have learned a lot about ourselves, and our world, and that is what we wish to bring to you.

Our goal is to provide a seamless metaphysical experience, peppered with variety, and served with a heaping bowl of customer service. Thank you for helping us grow, we will always do our best to return the favor.

Interests Include:

Simply walking into mordor; becoming the mother of dragons; irregular meal times; music festivals; writing things down and then losing them; making the Hulk angry; jamming fingers in the door of opportunity; losing our cool and then finding it in the last place we’d look; forgetting to ask for sugar in our coffee; McPick 2; On that note, leaving the ‘s’ off of McGriddles (it is not a plural breakfast food); ordering more than one appetizer and then complaining that we are too full to finish a proper meal.

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