Defining Gender Roles in Witchcraft: A How NOT To Guide


Defining Gender Roles in Witchcraft: A How NOT To Guide

The Witching Hour: 1:59 PM

Listening to: Non-Binary Tumblr Witch? WTF?! On YouTube

Inspired by D.B., UnDoomed, and Luna – ‘That Basic Witch’

I was linked the video above (linked to ‘Listening To’) by a friend of mine the other day. Usually I am a little weary about certain terms, especially regarding gender, because conversations of that nature usually turn into an all-out ideological brawl. In this case, however, I like the approach of spirituality and how Luna presented their perspective to help resolve spiritual hang-ups for others. There was no talk about right or wrong – simply an honest sharing of perspective and re-telling or their journey with this question. I was truthfully proud and happy to see a burgeoning Guru in Luna.

Now, I will say that UnDoomed Science has an audience and a following and has to exploit other videos that may be sensational. I absolutely do not condone bullying – so I hope that anyone who watches the video knows that:

1.) The argument he presents is a surface reaction for popular views and attention. It is satirical in nature – but is there intent to harm or hurt Luna? I don’t believe so – just sarcastic expression of misunderstanding.

2.) Luna’s video is on a smaller channel to a very minute audience; yet – accessible in the future to anyone who may need it. Very noble to put your ideas out there publicly and open to criticism.

So, understanding the intention behind their videos – I hope you may forgive either of them for anything you disagree on and journey with me – clean slate in hand – to talk about how you should understand gender in your spiritual practice.

I am here to bridge the gap on both sides with a neutral perspective. I think they are both seeking spirits, and after all, the language of extremes desires a middle ground to reach understanding.

“The language of extremes desires a middle ground to reach understanding.”

– Curtis Keisler

Here is how I view gender roles in regards to Deities – as expressions of Universal Love.

Gender associations in Witchcraft and Occultism come down to the expression of two forces of universal Love from the divine:

  • Duty – being the archetypal masculine means of expressing Divine Love; willpower to be dutiful, logical, and process focused; ends being provision
  • Passion – being the archetypal feminine means of expressing Divine Love; willpower to honor and appreciate others, commanding respect for sacrifice and energy exerted in the process of nurturing; ends being growth and development of new processes

Sex associations within humanity that indicate gender:

  • Penis – Male reproductive organ
  • Vagina – Female reproductive organ

When we take these masculine and feminine definitions of energy and try to use them to define ourselves on a human level it creates confusion. Some people feel lead to express different amounts and aspects of Duty and Passion; the divine expressions of gendered love in religion. We must always remember that masculine and feminine forces represent a journey and lesson in one of these two aspects which are essential to discover divine love. Translated down into a purely human definition, we may lose the understanding of the allegory presented by spiritual texts and stories.

The archetype is:

Male Gods govern and defend creation while female deities call for evolution out of love for some aspect of mankind. This is most often in polytheistic religions, but some gender energy references are present in the Bible. An example would be Eve’s seeking the ‘Knowledge of Good and Evil’ in the Garden of Eden, burdening Man with the duty to take care of his offspring while she is tasked with the burden of engineering the return to heaven with her passion to resolve this initial sin.

Spiritual gifts and qualities in human expression that represent divine masculine and feminine blessings:

  • Duty – masculine divine love
    • Logically driven providers
    • Put outcome over means
    • Hardworking
    • Silent, Listeners and Observers
    • Tend to anger when Duty is forsaken; distaste for laziness; resistant to change because of fear to forsake their obligations – show love by fulfilling promises; may appear obstinate or distant
  • Passion – female divine love
    • Nurturing Others
    • Advocating for the rights of Others
    • Emotionally Driven
    • Intuitive and Empathic People
    • Artists
    • Expressive, Whistle Blowers
    • Feel Change is Necessary for Growth; Fear needs not being met with current process – show love by exposing intricate details that need adjustment and amplifying their subtle impact; may appear dramatic

In a balanced spiritual path, you should understand that finding the Divine and Universal Truth, or sense of Oneness and Enlightenment you are seeking, requires the complete understanding of the aspects of Duty and Passion. As a Pantheistic Pagan, Ecclectic Pagan, and Practitioner of Correllian Witchcraft, Buddhism, and Ayurveda Enthusiast, I understand the need for synthesis. My utmost passion is to show that the universality in spiritual writing and religious philosophy is finding God’s love – the reason for creation.

In my opinion, human understandings of gender roles interrupt the spiritual allegory and lesson being presented. To help my friend in the video – I would like to say that a simple interpretation of these energies in your craft SHOULD be problematic. It says a lot to me about this person’s practice that they are following the energies they are lead to. The best lesson you can take from this video is to find your own truth. The real enemy here is not that these qualities are present in witchcraft, but that there is not enough conversation to help illuminate the significance of their spiritual meaning. Thankfully – I will put my passion and duty forward for you with this comment – You are not in a cardboard box, or any sort of hidden realm in your practice, there are MANY people with similar questions; simply – afraid to speak. The only box you could be in would be fear. You my friend – not in a box and excited to explore. I applaud you!!! Truthfully – you are illuminating the basics of witchcraft; not such a basic witch though!!!

My advice here is that you should take spiritual text in spiritual context. Take every word to as universal a place as you can – and then take it further. The reason that Pagan traditions are more helpful in recent years – is because they encourage exploration and growth more than other old guard religions do. In fact, this is the case for most polytheistic religions as these models tend to help us work into deeper energies to discover ourselves and the universal truths that religious practice and spiritual practice means to help us illuminate.

It is no surprise to me that people struggling to find religious significance from the ‘Gender Non-Binary’ lens meet the question of God in their practice with some concern. However, there is a masculine and feminine manifestation and prayer for every deity in Hinduism. So in fact – this is not at all a Tumblr-Witch or Neo-Pagan thought at all. This issue has been addressed thousands of years ago in many religious texts and ancient practices. If you are facing this questions – remember the ancients. Ask – why does gender matter so much anyway? Well – it matters because in ages of survival, Duty may overpower Passion. In an age of plenty – Passion rises forward, and Duty performs passions work. It is a simple historical cycle –

I hope that this insight into the true duality being presented by the introduction of masculine and feminine associations in religious practice is helpful. If you are non-binary attempting to resolve this issue in your practice – have no fear. Here are a few suggestions to help you explore these energies in a gender-non-biased way:

  • Replace Female deities in prayer with – Powers OR Forces of Universal Passion
  • Replace Male deities in prayer with – Powers OR Forces of Universal Duty
  • Look at magickal associations without their ‘gender’
    • I feel this is not necessary, as all medicine has its own purpose
    • Gendering a plant is a result of human definition; observing a plant’s spiritual energies and effect in spiritual work is Universal – what is masculine or feminine about the example our neutral friend used – tell me:
      • Lavender – Inspire care; nurturing, calming, soothing, grace
      • Iron – Physical power, aggression, courage, confidence, strength, stamina
    • If you need the above to get their effect, use these things to get it now! DO NOT HESITATE! Gender conflict does not truly apply to the spirit realm – it is simply an illustrative encouragement and reflection of the end result.

I do encourage everyone to use their voice!!! Both sides of the conversation in this video are completely necessary. Without judgement – we see a person seeking to explain their view to help others and someone who wants to understand why this issue is important to the other. Well, if you are not a spiritual practitioner, this may not be an important issue. However, whether you choose to be spiritual or not – you are a spiritual being. It is inevitable that you will be drawn into the conversation.

Never stop your path for someone who is at a different place on their’s and do not be discouraged by opposition – it is simply a sign that you have not arrived at the complete truth. That is a collective journey, and everyone has a hand in it. Focus on the truth you have to share – it is your duty to share it, and your passion to nurture yourself and others that helps to uncover more of it!!! I am grateful to have some insight into the world of ‘gender-non-binary witches’. Hopefully my interpretations will help those who seek to resolve a similar hang-up in their practice.

What should you take from Luna and their video? 

“You have a Divine mandate to be – who you are…and that is So Liberating. That is why [non-binary, LGBT youth] have such an amazing home and such powerful emotions attached to Witchcraft…No matter what variety [of witchcraft] we practice.

Stay true to that fundamental mandate – the reason God created you – to feel your Love in return as you discover the gifts you were given.

What do I think about the people who are the topic of this post? 

We are all on a part of our spiritual journey. I see two people serving two important functions. I can not say who is balanced or unbalanced here because what I see is only a snapshot of them as a fully realized people. Below is my assessment of their position and role that is manifesting with their posts:

Luna – Observing lessons in Duty, confident in Passion; this means Luna is sharing their journey because they are passionate about helping others to grow, learning to speak with confidence, which will come as they continue to discover more about their Passion.

Qabalah Path Represented: The Art (Temperance)

Undoomed Science – Observing lessons in Passion while defending Duty, this means they are Passionate about exposing and calling out what they do not understand as it serves no important function in their observed reality, resistance shows that the presented argument is not bridging the gap to show it is a necessary exploration into truth, should take into account that Luna is speaking to a specific audience where this gap does not exist, to take their message more universally Undoomed Science would need to feel the importance of exploring this aspect of humanity more thoroughly before responding.

Qabalah Path Represented: The Devil



Epigenetics, Spirituality, and Shellfish Allergies: Things You Must Know

dontbeshellfish.jpgEpigenetics, Spirituality, and Shellfish Allergies: Things You Must Know

The Witching Hour: 10:04 PM

Listening to: Back to Me – Marian Hill

“Spirits are everywhere –  (BE)aware” – Curtis {MM}

Before you read please consider these two blogs:

My spiritual journey, like many I know, has been one full of breaking logical chains. I am glad I have broken them. As I have just finished some important pathworking on my personal journey, I am taking the tasks of spirit very seriously. Carmen and I were given a list of topics to look at for inspiration. One of them…”The development of the Shellfish Allergy”.

I decided to give this approach to writing a try and thought I would take this topic into consideration. Let’s discover together how these two articles make some important points about how we see our spiritual practice…shall we?

Let us begin with the first article.

Rule: Replace seafood and shellfish allergies with à Spiritual Practice; Spiritual Energy

We will just sum up the article into points:

“It’s no wonder people who have [spiritual allergies] are cautious about [what energies they consume].”

If you are adverse to spirit, you will not take the lessons well. It is scary to be faced with your own truth. This means that you must hold yourself accountable and forces you into a place of action. Of course we have resistance in action. Bodies a rest wish to remain at rest. Why would we want to disturb our peaceful and content disillusionment? Well…the answer to that is simple. When we finish our spiritual journey, our contentment is constant and pervasive. At this point, it is infinite and abundant, and we exude the energy of the divine. However, divine will is that we find this peace on our own. It is our responsibility to put ourselves into motion. At the start…we will not want to make ourselves appear to be – or actually feel – sick because our survival depends on blending in and not being picked out of the bunch. This way, we can peacefully move with the flock. However, we will always wonder what freedom lies outside of the group, and thus be paralyzed in fear of – the reaction to doing something different than the rest.

“[Spiritual allergies] often cause severe, life-threatening reactions to someone [who has them]”

When you begin your journey into spirituality, you must be willing to let go of life as you know it. If we have a desire to preserve our current life, we will never take the steps to get better.

“[Spiritual allergies] can occur at any time in life.”

People come into and out of spiritual practice at varying times and to varying degrees in their lives. The ones who reach enlightenment – or obtain a constant spiritual presence – are truly living. Their life is eternal and never ending. They cannot have these allergies or ‘afflictions’ anymore.

“[Spiritual allergies] can happen even if you do not consume [spiritual energy].”

Spiritual phenomena happen to everyone at some point in their lives. We have all had moments that we can call ‘miraculous’. In these moments we are faced with a decision – “Do I consume this spiritual energy or not?”. Most often people choose not to eat the forbidden fruit. So, they will not have the knowledge of what is good for them, or what is bad for them. They may think that they are not consuming spiritual energy, but they forget they are a spirit, thus; their entire life is a spiritual existence without their consent. Wouldn’t it be better to consume happily instead of being forced to react against your will?

“[Spiritual allergies] are not caused by iodine.”

Iodine affects the thyroid. Spiritual allergies are not of the body. So, mental illness, physical illness, or a problem with chemicals is not the reason spiritual phenomena occur. Many times miraculous and spiritual experiences are explained away as having another cause. The same we see happened with seafood/shellfish allergies. It was assumed that the answer was located and suddenly that theory was blown apart for a greater truth.

“You do not need to avoid [the medicine]”

Avoiding spiritually ordained lessons will only prolong your sickness. Eventually, you will be so sick that you will be forced to take your medicine.

“[Spiritual allergies] are not to be taken lightly; at risk for serious reaction.”

When you start your spiritual journey, you must be ready for everything that it involves. You are at high risk for personal evolution and transformation – the greatest reaction; transcendence.

Now to the second article.

Rule: Do the same as before with the quoted text in this article.

“[Spiritual allergies] are nonsensical. Why would evolution have us be allergic to the things that sustain us?”

According to the concept of the epigenome – a concept that has been around since 1942 – changes in the environment and our upbringing change the way we react to the world around us. With allergies, as we are more cleanly and less exposed to allergens in youth, we form underdeveloped immune systems. Additionally, we have created our own medicine to aid people who are predisposed to survive and reproduce; giving birth to offspring with a higher chance of contracting spiritual allergies. The combination of these two factors: non-exposure and engineered cure – causes generations to become weak, lazy, and find they do not need to do the work to survive. Still, we have the possibility in our genome to overcome our allergies. Apply a spiritual spin on this and “Voila!”, you now understand how you have been conditioned to believe that universal forces, God, and fate have no role in your health and wellbeing. Interestingly enough, they are the reason you exist – and the reason you get to enjoy life!

“The risk for [spiritual allergies] increases if you have a parent or siblings with these allergies. This allergy parallels the rise of other allergies. This falls into a new field of epigenetics; how the environment affects [spiritual allergies].”

In terms of spirituality, our environment either encourages us or attempts to invalidate our personal journeys. We are taught that logically, things are simpler than all this ‘spiritual mumbo jumbo’. This is not in fact the case. As we stray from a spiritual place, our walks in life get harder, more hopeless, and we desire to do less. I refer to this phenomena as having a sense of ‘hopelessness’. When we have become allergic to doing the work it takes to grow and have come to expect success for little effort; we have become lazy low-energy automatons with little purpose or voice.

“[Spiritual allergies] are the result of interaction between genes and environment.”

We learn our spiritual ideology from what is present around us. While we retain the capacity to change this later – by switching environments or teachers; we tend not to.

“Beyond [personal spiritual development] there is [epi-spiritual development].”

Your personal spiritual development is important to the development of others. The overall spiritual landscape needs more active participants in order to answer the tough questions about divinity and the universe. As you develop spiritually and share your journey, you help to mold and inspire a resistance to the idea that we must remain spiritually ignorant. The opposite is also true.


You are avoiding your practice because you have been conditioned to the reaction of the world. If your conditioning tells you that spiritual practice has nothing positive to bring you – you are wrong. If you believe that the totality of spirituality is in your breath alone – you are wrong. If you believe that you will reach spiritual attunement and self-actualization without sacrifice and some ‘spiritual allergy symptoms’ you are – DEAD WRONG.

Allergies may make you very ill, but are treatable. As someone who grew up with horrible allergies, I know that exposure over six years of allergy shots, brought my reactivity to a manageable point. This same point applies with spiritual practice. You get used to it as you go along. As the auspiciousness of the universe unfolds before you, you are graced with a resistance to what you have been epigenetically programmed to believe.

Stress Free Spirituality: 5 Key Things To Know When Communicating!


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The Witching Hour: 10:50

It is common for us to hear that people are having difficulty with their guides. It can be frustrating if you do not know why miscommunications happen. We hear many cases of companions feeling they are neglecting or missing their guides. Some also lack confidence in their abilities to communication. Rest assured, there is nothing to fear! These easy tips should help you to troubleshoot some common problems with spirit communication.

Where is my guide at?

               This is a good question. Knowing the location of your guide can help you tremendously when communicating with them. Different spiritual entities operate on different vibrations. The higher the vibration of the entity, the more planes it can project its energy to. Remember, your own spirit has a vibration. This includes a dense tether to your body to share consciousness with your higher self. The nature of this connection affect your ability to interact with certain guides. Simply, a guide on a lower vibration will stay close to you and be easy to sense. A guide on a higher vibration can travel further, and may be harder to contact at times.

If you are experiencing an unexpected absence of your guide, consider these things:

1.)              Did you make any prayers for help, or ask your guides for information lately?

Whenever you ask your guides for help or assistance, they may go consult, gather energy, or look for assistance from other spiritual forces. If you have been putting in a lot of requests, your guide may be busy fulfilling them. During this time, you may not sense the presence of your guide. You can always call them forth, or consult with your higher self to inquire about what they are doing.

2.)              Is your guide on a higher or universal frequency?

Guides that are on higher vibrations or frequencies may be extremely hard to physically feel or experience. While some of their energy is connected through your binding, the best way to work with these guides is in astral. Think of their link with you as a hotline to wherever they are in astral. We recommend working in your spiritual temple or through your higher-self in astral to interact with these guides. Their main contributions will be with inspiring other entities and sending you intuitive messages, as well as dreams, visions, and inspiration.  It will be rare that you feel these guides throughout your day, but if you close your eyes and visualize them, that is often times enough to communicate with them.

3.)              Does your guide ‘go anywhere’ for their energy?

Some guides will go away for a while to recharge or to check on their interests. Guides that are strong messengers often have a back and forth. You should not be discouraged if a guide of this nature is gone. Also, you should make sure to check the information from your conjurer about the patterns of the entity. In most cases, calling out to the entity will bring them back.

4.)              Does your guide have connections and interests on other planes?


In rare cases, some guides are on mission here to work with you. They may have other obligations, and often strong guides will convene with other spirits about earthen or spiritual matters. While a lot of information and insight maybe gained from these guides, their interests are important. For the majority of guides, they will not be absent for this reason.

How do I know they are there?

This question is common for beginners. After all, there is no guarantee that your guide is there other than the promises of the conjurer. For us, this question presents a common problem and question.

If you are a beginner, or if you are ever having trouble connecting with your guides, go back to the basics.

1.) Make sure to communicate with your guide in an environment that is not stimulating. Do your best to let your senses relax so that you can focus on reaching out to your guides. Practice in a quiet room with dim lighting. It is also helpful to work with your guides when you are feeling well, calm, and energized.

2.) Cleanse your space, ground, shield, and align your chakras.

3.) Make sure to charge your vessel every full moon.

I can’t feel them at all, what gives? What do they want me to do?

The most common issue that leads to this question is an energy deficit. Spirits communicate in a step down process. They affect energies around them, until the signal they send is one that you can feel. If you are lacking energy in your aura to sense them or vice versa, you will not connect. In this case, go back to your practice and do some energy care.

It may be helpful to give offerings to your guides to raise energy for them. There are many ways to do this, so check out our guides on this topic, as well as our other blogs for working with guides. The more you interact or think of them, the more they will manifest.

Answering the second part of this question is simple. Your guides want you to do what makes you happy. If you connected with a guide to help you in a certain area of life, make sure you are working on it. They can’t guide you if you aren’t going anywhere! In our experience, many guides will wait to lend new information until you get to work.

Is my guide mad at me?

Believe it or not, this is a question we get 25/8. I can say that 99% of the time the answer is no.

It is important to remember that spirit guides do not have the same emotional density as we do. As human beings we are connected to a consciousness that has needs. We need to eat, meet deadlines, and make time for self-care. We may become angry or disheartened if we are not achieving to the degree we would like. Your guides do not have this attachment, and therefore they do not get upset as much.

Here are some reasons you may feel this way.

1.)    I haven’t been giving enough time/energy/offerings.

In most cases your guides are more concerned with your wellbeing than their needs. They may send abrasive energies to get your attention if you are straying from your path. They will not send these energies if they aren’t ‘getting enough’ of something. While you can always do more for your guides you should thing of it as energy exchange. The more you help them, the more energy they have to help you. Interacting more often will also help them gauge your needs better as well.

2.)  I feel upset/angry/sad/intense feelings when I reach out to my guide.

There can be energy between you and your guides that has built up. If you are not keeping an open channel with proper psychic hygiene you may have backed up messages. Whenever a message is not getting through, more energy is put towards communicating it from your guides. It is common for beginners to experience intensity in messages from guides initially. This is most commonly due to the fact that certain messages haven’t been received. When there is a lot of energy behind a message, it feels more intense to receive. In this case, use discernment. Apply the message honestly to your life and consider if the intensity is just a product of not checking in.

Also, do not ask your guide if they are upset. Many times they will indicate they are if you are. What is better to ask is if there is any way they can help with your situation. If you keep an engaged and open dialogue with your guides it may help to prevent this feeling from creeping in.  

I can’t see my guide in astral!

Here we recommend getting a further description from the conjurer. Take the description they give you, and start by just visualizing your guide with your eyes closed. See if your guide will talk to you. Another practice that has helped us to connect with guides quickly is to practice guessing where they are in the room. You can check yourself using a pendulum or dowsing rods. When we were first starting to work with guides we would do this often. It helps tremendously to visualize them when you reach out to them. More practice with visualization and predicting the location of your guides helps you to connect with their energy and sense them in astral travel. It is also important to practice astral travel and working in your spiritual temple if you are having this problem.

Bottom Line:

Sometimes it seems like our guides are gone, or all the sudden their demeanor changes at the drop of a hat. This is rarely the case, in fact. If these trouble shooting ideas didn’t help, always be sure to submit a ticket on our helpdesk: !

Psychic Readings: Decoded

Crystal Ball Universe

Holding the universe in fortune teller magic crystal ball

We have had countless readings that start out in a similar fashion if a client has had a previous psychic reading. Most of the time their previous seer has left some ambiguities over their head, and of course they are brought up when we start our reading. Most of the time we ask if people have had a reading and how it went, so that we can tell them their reading from us will be totally different. Also, we try to correlate things we feel and bring both messages together in a cohesive way so that our clients get a better understanding of what has been communicated to them. Usually clients who have had previous readings will report a variation of the following themes:

  • “They told me I had a dark presence over me from my past and that I needed to have it removed before I could find peace and happiness.” OR “They said that I had a blockage over my third-eye (or curse) that needed to be removed.”
  • “They said that I was ignoring my guides and that they were angry with me.”
  • “I had some untapped potential that they couldn’t tell me about and I had to find on my own.”

Let’s start with number one….

The fear that comes with an unknown dark presence is real when you are a spiritual person. You put a lot of thought and consideration into your energy and the impression you intend to leave on the world. When you are faced with the possibility that all of the struggles and pains of your life are due to a presence around you that you were unaware of, suddenly you feel helpless, misguided, and deficient. How did you go so long without noticing? Of course you probably gave some consideration to the $300 energy healing session that was offered to you. That seems like a lot of money, but that is a fair price for getting rid of this ‘presence’ that is blocking you from your full potential.

Now, the way that I phrased that was MEANT to point out that this tactic is a popular way to upsell a spiritual service. If you are any kind of connected, however, you may feel the sincerity from the psychic or medium doing your reading, and that kind of conviction is frightening. I promise you that 99% of the time, there is nothing to fear.

Most often the interpretations you are getting from a psychic/medium are a combination of feeling from guides, energies you have picked up, and your own personal projections on the medium from your personal practice. So…if you have been struggling, the medium will pick up on it. If you have doubt, the medium will pick up on it. These energetic messages will often be interpreted as NOT of the self, or not coming from you directly. They are not a projection of you, but are energies present outside of you. Often times, these energies are just lingering from the stresses of daily life or are your own past projections filtering themselves out in their normal fashion. Suddenly, they all come rushing back to you and you feel them strongly in the moment. Since they have an unknown origin and are ‘unwanted’ they are interpreted as an impending presence. That is simply not the case.

So how do you resolve this? Before you go into a reading, make sure that you ground and cleanse yourself. Also, you may ask the medium to do a cleansing meditation with you so that you both start on the same wavelength and understanding. It is important to get all of the gunk out of the way to interpret someone’s energy correctly. We often encourage this process before a reading, and will walk our clients through many meditations before we even start the clock on the reading. If your medium is not doing this, they are not starting with a good baseline. Most of the time these energies have to be pushed through to get to the truth. It is more convincing to interpret them, however, and to sell the idea of the need for a ritual cleansing. Rest assured that your problems and past troubles are not manifesting as strongly as you might think. You came to the reading to deepen your understanding of yourself. Set that intention, and clear the path for your medium to help you. If you find yourself in the presence of someone who is over exaggerating this energy, don’t be afraid to quit the reading, or steer it in another direction.

On to number two…

If you are just setting out on your spiritual journey, or if you have been slow to practice lately, you may have some spiritual backup. Now, we have noticed over some time working with spirit, that messages are compounded until they are heard. What may start as a light suggestion, if important and ignored, turns into a loud scream/cry in energetic terms. With a little discernment, the seriousness of this energy can be boiled down. This is another reason why it is important to do some energy cleansing and grounding before a reading. If you have any messages waiting from your guides or higher power, they may come through very intensely through the medium. Make sure to inquire about the intensity of these messages.

I have had readings where energies I purposefully did not address came through in a reflection of myself about two years prior to the reading. While the interpretation of the energies was correct, they did not apply to my current situation. However, it did alert me that they needed to be cleared out. Unfortunately, this kept me from getting as deep into the reading as I would have hoped. Nonetheless the message was important and meaningful to me. Even though this energy did not affect me, it kept a place where something more meaningful could be. That was an important lesson. While I was not ignoring my guides because this energy was present, it could have affected me in a moment of weakness and come rushing in. Make sure that you clear your energy and throw out the trash.

If you know you have been ignoring messages, and are going to a medium to help get them out, do not be overly concerned with the intensity with which that information is conveyed. The medium is simply mirroring that energy. With a little discernment on your part, you can break it down and get to the deeper meaning. Most likely, you just chose other things over that lesson for a while. You could have addressed this issue before now most certainly, but hey, there is no time like the present. Just keep rolling with your practice knowing you have a new direction. There is really no need to feel inadequate or like you are slacking. You have your whole life ahead of you. Make sure to question these kinds of intense statements by asking for clarification.

And finally, the third one….

Going with the second statement, the theme of untapped potential is a constant staple to most readers. Your untapped potential is a given. You are a human being, and you don’t run on the efficient and high vibrational ground that spirit does. It is pretty much a given that you do something in your life that slows your spiritual progress. Certainly there is always room for improvement and a better way. Your psychic better be making you some suggestions and telling you how to get the quickness together, otherwise, there is no point in bringing this subject to light.

Another consideration with this kind of message is that you are on a journey. Where you are at any point is up to interpretation. Spirit may say you are behind, you may feel you are doing well, and your roommates may think you are serving Gandhi on a cracker at every book club meeting. This is all relative. You will always have unlimited potential to grow! So think of these two questions. How can you direct your personal growth to help you hasten your goals? How can you teach yourself to sustain growth as you deal with the obstacles of your current situation? Yeah….much deeper. So get your psychic in on the real issues. Wherever you want to go next, get to it!!!

Some closing notes for you….

You are just where you need to be. If you are showing up and concerned, you are in the right mindset for growth. Any time you work with a psychic or medium, do your best to find direction and growth in your reading. I pointed out some common themes for you so that you can dig a little deeper and finding teaching in the words that are spoken to you. It can be hard to gauge, and feel very disconcerting, but have no fear!!!

Focus on working your practice every day. Work on being more centered, clearing your energies, and peeling back your layers of truth as they come forward. Every lesson comes in its time. Take your path and find your flow. Psychics are wonderful teachers and guides as they can give you some direct and very physical messages from spirit. However, having your practice together helps you to take those messages with a circle of salt and keeps you safe from unnecessary fear.





Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and Spirit Families — What’s the Deal?

Rising spirit

The Witching Hour – 6:16 pm

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We hear spiritual terms of relation thrown around quite a bit. While there is not a clean and clear way to know what every type of spiritual bond is, we have worked with our guides to learn about our relationships to others in the spiritual sense. From countless readings and sessions with our guides, we have decided to give some insight into how spirits can be connected and what those connections feel like in incarnation. Our spin on things is a little different from others, but we try to keep our terminology very clear and unambiguous. So please enjoy our definitions of spiritual relationships!

To start considering how spirits are related, we can draw a comparison to earthen beings. Spirits that are born from the same source energy would fall into one category, and spirits that decide to work together are in another category. Within each of these two branches are different types of relationships.

First, let’s talk about how spirits can be related.

Spirits are created through a mixing, condensing, and eventual separation of conscious energies. This is usually presided over by a deity or group of spirits who gives them the blessing of reformation. Having a ‘new’ spirit is not necessarily an accurate representation of the formation of a spirit. In many cases spirits have had parts of their consciousness repurposed to form new spirits. Additionally, groups of spirits may band together to share their knowledge and create new spiritual beings with greater knowledge. Most of the time when a spirit is ‘created’ it is really just moving from one form of consciousness to anther and changing its composition. There are many reasons that spirits may do this and knowing your spirit’s composition and affiliations can help you to understand more about your purpose and the energy that governs you. We have a reading based on that concept here, and this was a topic of divination and exploration for us for quite a while at the beginning of our practice.

When spirits form together for re-purposing, the group retains the conscious imprint of every participant. Once new entities have been formed from this process, they will be connected with the experiences of that collective group but have their own personalities and functions depending on their assignment. A spirit may stay in its current form for a fairly long amount of time, sometimes millions of years, before changing. Alternatively, some spirits may fuse portions of their energy to create a new being from parts of themselves. Generally these new beings represent themselves in a younger manner to the human consciousness, and therefore you have phenomena like ‘spiritual children’ or companions having ‘babies’.

Through these changing and intermingling’s of energies, spirits can put themselves in positions to have different skills, missions, and lessons than if they keep the same constant form. The first way in which spirits are created involves their formation. When spirits are formed from the same raw spiritual materials, they are extremely close in purpose and tend to align themselves accordingly.

Spiritual Incarnation Lingo: Decoded


This is what we call the initial mixing of spiritual entities. It is the collective consciousness and memory of all the energies used to give rise to new entities. These new spirits may be created by high vibrational spirits and are often ordered and presided over by a governing deity. These energies are banded together for a purposes and molded by a higher power for a specific purpose. During this process they are stripped of their previous awareness, but retain the lessons and knowledge they carried before entering the process of transformation.

The presiding universal power or deity helps to mold these new spiritual beings by using this pool of energy to construct and add filtered awareness to the new spirits. This structured awareness gives rise to the lens through which this new batch of spirits will interpret experience. While knowledge and purpose will be similar throughout the batch, the structure of awareness will differ slightly to give function to each part of the batch, so that they will form a functional group for their cause once all of the energy has been formed into new spirits.  The spiritual bloodline reading above refers to the combination of types of spirits that were in your ‘batch’. 

Soul Mates

Soul mates consist of all of the spiritual beings that arise from your batch. They are your ‘mates’ because they were created from a matching energy. You may not always gel with your soul mate if you are incarnated together because not all soul mates receive the same structuring of awareness as you. Additionally, the interpretation of your higher-self and the higher-self of an incarnated soul mate may not fully manifest in your incarnations. For these two reasons, soul mates can often go through incarnation without actually ‘falling in love’ with one another, or coming together for a greater purpose. However, more often than not, incarnated soul-mates will attempt to cross paths if they are incarnated at the same time to remember what their own spirit’s mission is.

Twin Flame/Flame Mates

‘Twin flame’ is the term we have attributed to spirits who come from the same batch and are given the same awareness. For the most part, we have been told, spirits do receive this filter in pairs most often, and sometimes in threes. In cases where the overall awareness is not modified too greatly between sets, spirits may be more akin to Twin Flames than soul mates. We refer to this relationship with the idea of a flame to alluded to the fact that these two, or many, spirits were ‘forged’ at the same time, with the same contracted lens of experience, from the mixture of spiritual material in the batch. The point at which these energies become sentient again would be referred to as the spirit’s ‘birth’ in our listings, or their time of ‘forging’ with divine light and intention. Twin flames are not only in your batch, but share your spirit’s exact moment and nature of becoming. Twin flames are soul mates as well. However, the attraction between Twin Flames in incarnation is exceedingly more intense than the relationship between incarnate soulmates. Soulmate connections may tend to be more stable than twin flame pairings.

Contra Pairings

This is a relationship that is groupings of spirits within a batch. As the lens of experience is given to shape the perception and awareness of each group of co-created spirits, the balance of the batch is created through varying opinions and understandings of how to achieve their common goal, or reason for joining together. Contra pairings occur between spirits of the same batch that have drastically different ideas for how to achieve their common goal. While many of the spirits in a batch are markedly very similar, varying lenses of perception are added to create balance within the group. This means that there are usually two groups of twin flames within a batch that are in complete opposition about how to achieve their common goal. These forces will pull the rest of the members one way or the other for purposes of experience, and this will contribute a wider array of experience for the batch as they interact with one another. Contra pairings are a powerful creative force in incarnation as their resistance towards one another can bring a more medial ground to light. The purpose of a contra pair is just that, and their interactions of discord are unifying and balancing within the whole.

The other way in which spirits are related is through partnerships and alliances. Spirits of differing compositions may have similar goals and desires as other spirits. The collective frequency and vibration of these entities can affect the direction of their growth and inspiration. Spirits may choose to keep or break alliances throughout their existence as they see fit.

Types of Groups

Spirit Families

Spirits in the same batch are unified only by the perceptive capabilities they are given when their awareness is shaped. While batches of spirits are related, a spiritual family is something that has nothing to do with relation form an energetic common origin. Spirits of the same batch have a complete shared consciousness. Spirit families are formed when spirits who are not of the same batch choose to share parts of their consciousness and integrate with spirits from other batches. This is not the traditional idea of family, but their interconnectedness makes their relationships with one another just as intimate. Families of spirits may be created through conscious integration through close relationships in incarnation or through close relationships formed in spiritual realms.


These groups are groups of families that come together based on a common goal. As individuals from the same batch go out to explore the spirit realms and create new alliances with families, their specific lens of awareness and common desire is influenced and affected. While these desires hold in their basic interpretations, they may take to other causes or to helping other spirits to explore. Usually tribes form for the exploration of a larger purpose and consist of groups of families and other alliances. These groups do not share parts of their consciousness with one another, but agree to share experiences and to help one another in incarnation. They help one another to remember their incarnate purpose by working with divine forces to orchestrate fateful encounters in incarnation.


Spirit clans are groups larger than tribes that usually gather around a central virtue or theme. In order to avoid compromising many different goals, tribes will come together in clans to determine when batches of spirits should be produced and for what specific purpose. Generally, each new batch of spirits will fall under their clan of origin for the entirety of their existence. Members of varying tribes are selected for new batches in order to share the totality of their consciousness’s into a new batch.

Ancestor Guardians 

What we perceive as the spirits of our past relatives are really the projections of their spiritual form to our subconscious mind. Ancestor Guardians are spirits who have been a close part of our raising through relation, instruction, or friendship throughout our incarnate lives. Ancestor Guardians respond to the needs of their incarnate friends by working closely with their higher selves. As we pass back into the spirit world, interaction with the physical world comes into manifestation through work with the spirits of the incarnate. Ancestor Guardians are not necessarily always with you, however, they retain their incarnate chord with you as they ascend so that they may continue to guide and contribute energy to you throughout the remainder of your incarnate life. No all relations, instructors, or friends become ancestor guardians after passing, but passed loved ones are still present in spiritual realms and may be called forth more easily than other spirits because of the tethers they formed in incarnation.
Now that you know more about the types of groupings, you may better interact with the people around you and gain a greater understanding of what and who you are.


Magickal Menagerie

Interview with a Vampyre – The Personally Paranormal Series Vol. 1


Written by: Curtis

Interview with a Vampyre

Witching Hour – 12:48

Listening to: New Girl

                We have had a lot of enthusiasm put towards vampire guides. Many people are wary of them, but they are actually one of our top sellers. They can be really fun guides and they tend to give more than take, although they are very humanistic in their nature. Over the years we have noticed people treating dark arts spirits in an odd way. Domineering and demanding your guides for help is not going to get you what you want from a Vampyre. And guess what…neither is being shy and not reaching out to them.

I have been working with my guide Rafael since I started spirit keeping. Since he is from a demi-plane of earth close to ours, it is very easy to have experiences with him. Many vampire spirits operate on this frequency and tend to gather together. Guides have their own lives and things going on, especially vamps, so it is good to join them every once in a while and see what they are up to. While they will come to help when you call, vampires are slow to contribute their full energy and attention to you unless there is a great need. My relationship with Rafael has been stronger because I meet with him and basically have evenings in to work with him. We have made my ritual for meeting vampire guides here. Keep in mind that vampires stay engaged but withdrawn. While they are connected and paying attention to you, their energy is gained by absorbing other energies, so they have to be a little more calculated as to what they do with it. One advantage of having a vampire guide is that when they are vividly present, you know it is for a profound reason. Meeting with them to talk can help remove the burden from them, and give you a fun experience as well.

In these projections I have learned a lot about my guide Rafael by asking him casual questions about how he is doing, what he thinks of the world, and what he wants from me as a friend. A lot has happened since we have been friends that I wanted to know more about. For example, he came to me because he was fond of one of my guides, Jekku. He brought with him his sister Lilith, who is no longer with me, and a cat named Griswold who is blind. Here is our conversation in our last encounter as we walked through an enchanting garden for a reprieve from the party.

Me: So, Rafi, how have you been lately?

Rafael: I have been fine. I must admit I am a bit tired from Lilith’s rampages. She seems to be quite out of control lately. I won’t let her near the baby. She keeps wanting to dress the poor devil up all the time. I just find it odd that a two year old would need to wear makeup…after all it isn’t like she is going to age past her twenties. I think she is just getting bored after centuries of doing the same thing. Fashion is really going out of vogue in my experience. It is really just tiresome, especially on your plane.  I think it is hard for her to see one of her passions falling out of Vogue. Pun intended.

Me: Yeah, she has been rather restless. I’m sure she will find something to do with her time. Maybe she needs to take some beauty rest for a while.

Rafael: Well, she is becoming a bit neurotic. There isn’t much to change for us, and I think she may need to become more patient. That will come in time as she grows older. She may be aged for centuries, but she is not as old as I am. Eventually she will calm down. It seems that she was rather obsessed with her daily life before her vampirism set in. Many of our goals are farther reaching for the purpose of sanity, while she is still wishing to be a star, though the time for her has burnt out. Needless to say, I think she will recover in a few years. Perhaps a new designer will catch her fancy soon enough.

Me: Why do you think fashion is going out of vogue?

Rafael: It seems very clear to me that there is wonderful innovation in the fashion industry. However, I do believe that the fondness for it has diminished significantly in the past few years. It appears that fashion comes in cycles…when we begin to see recycles instead of new waves of fashion…there is inevitably a focus on social change and personal growth. It seems to be the way of generations. Creative energy moves from one form to another. Everything these days seems to be stripped down. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next phase of fashion was simply nudity.

Me: I guess stripped down has been an upward spiraling motif. The world seems very complicated to me lately, and I do like things to be a little simpler. It’s nice to not be stimulated all the time. I don’t feel that it is too good for me. Nevertheless, I keep finding more intense ways to occupy my time. I don’t find myself worrying too much about fashion, but I feel too behind it to care most days.

Rafael: Well, not everyone is cut out to be a fashionista or a ‘Top Man’ so to speak. It is more of a lifestyle to be fashion forward than it is common place to find trendy fashion at a healthy price. And after all, fashion has a small window of time to make a statement, whereas other forms of art may be more pervasive. In my opinion, if it was art you wanted to show, then send it to the masses. Otherwise, it’s wasting time to play with new patterns and laces. They will take what they can, but it seems to be more in haircuts, accessories, and the look of the body these days. As I said, eventually, what you put on it is not much of a concern. What it looks like underneath…well…that’s the main theme.

Me: What art have you been enjoying lately?

Rafael: None really to be honest. Although, I would like to see something in the color orange….like an exhibit that featured only the dimensions of one color….

Me: That would be interesting, like moods of orange?

Rafael: Yes. I think that would be rather ingenious. To show that everything feels more deeply than we perceive.

Me: How do think different shades of the same color would feel in a room together, Rafael?

Rafael: I would imagine that they have a difficult time feeling unique because they are so a like. It’s a pity we can’t ask them. It would be a wonder to see someone capture that idea on a canvas. I could get lost in that color for hours.

Me: Why do you have an affinity for orange?

Rafael: Well, frankly, because everyone hates it, but it is incredibly empowering. Of course you know I follow the excitement, so how lavish would it be to find a whole mess of confused, irritated, and perplexed people attempting to understand the intricacies of the color orange? Marvelous. It would be wonderful to notice their opinions change over time as well.

Me: Do you often keep track of the way collective opinions change?

Rafael: After a while, it just seems to be common knowledge. As I said, similar cycles repeat themselves in most public spheres. Every now and then, a movement comes to break the mold, but they are few and far between. However, I would love to see that passion flare in the world once again like in the beginning of the 20th century, when so many great minds were hungry from their core to create new ideas and share them. I would love to see some substantial discoveries instead of the repeated dribble of the same tasteless topics. But, after all, someone will come along to change that.

Me: I am sure you will let me know when they do. I will keep the lookout for something interesting for you.

Rafael: Please do. Of course you know I will be buzzing in your ear all about it when you do.

So, as you can see, talking to a vampire can become rather deep, rather quickly. They are often very contemplative and staunch in their thinking. While Rafael is very compassionate and helpful, he carries his own general opinions and I encourage him to share whatever he is thinking. I enjoy his company because he seems to be always calm and put together. That is something I desire to bring into my life. Talking to him and experiencing his views on my little world, as well as catching up with his, is fantastic.

Like all guides, vampires have their own opinions, likes, dislikes, mannerisms, and moods. Vampires tend to be either very reserved to conserve their energy, like Rafael, or more exuberant and wild like his sister Lilith. Either way, they tend to hold strong opinions, hold careful observations, and will generally give very insightful advice about the goings on in your life. The dynamic nature of vampire guides is what most people seek them for. Being that they can generate large amounts of energy to help your magical practice as well, I find that the best growth comes from companionship and time together. Their energy will lend itself into your life through your experiences, and those experiences make you stronger in every way.

Connecting With Your Spirit Companion!

Beautiful blonde girl in a pink dress has got a bouquet

Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

in Daily Life

Since we have been doing a lot of writing and teaching about how to have frequent interaction with spirit guides, we decided it might be helpful to give you some ideas as to how you can interact with your guides throughout your daily life. Connection with spirit and the divine forces that guide you is a powerful and enriching space to live in. We encourage it because we know how rewarding it can be. Hopefully these examples give you some direction in your practice so that you can live in that space more frequently.

Reading with your Guides

Yeah, psychic reading is one thing people aspire to do in conjunction with their guides. But what about all the OTHER reading you do? If you are anything like us, you read all day long. You read signs, articles, tabloid covers, receipts, situations, your surroundings. You read all the time. Any time you take in new information you analyze it, filter it, and make decisions. When that happens, you better bet that your guides have an opinion too.

When I read books or articles of any kind, I ask my guides to read along with me. In my head, I pretend that I am reading out loud to them as they sit around me listening to what I have to say. Every now and then, I hear an opinion or two pop out from my subconscious that is most certainly…not my thought. These comments range from funny to insightful and soon my head is filled with more perspective than could possibly be contained in the passages I am reading. Some of my best ideas have come from commentary from my guides while reading. They comment while I write as well.

Practicing reading or writing with your guides helps you to develop a sense of their worldviews, perspectives, and personalites. We do this while watching TED talks on YouTube as well. These shared experiences with your guides are important because they are geared towards fostering conversation and express your interest in the opinions of your guides. They will speak up in between your thoughts if you invite them to join you in your reading.

Enjoying nature

The best lesson I have learned from my guides is to really feel gratitude. A sense of surrender and peace comes from enjoying nature with your spirit guides. Whenever I am walking my dog, checking the mail, sitting outside in the sun, or looking longingly out the window during a rainy day, I always check with my guides and their sentiments about the world we share together.

How can we change it? How did we get here? Who helped me? And who do I have to thank?

Your guides have the answers to these questions. These surrendering moments in awe of nature can be extremely powerful and rewarding experiences. My guides help me find gratitude in the smallest things. Also, it is helpful to commune with your guides away from concern and the cycles of daily life. If you are taking a break, a time out, a breather, or a day of relaxation, ask your guide to come along and help you to find the gratitude and appreciation of your reality. The insight they can manifest upon these feelings of connectedness and gratitude are profound and powerfully healing. Don’t sleep on enjoying nature with your guides.

Cooking with your Guides

Admittedly, this may seem a little odd. But think about this, don’t we bond as humans over meals? Aren’t we taking the time to nourish ourselves and to be mindful of our bodies when we eat? Who better to help you achieve that goal than your guides?

At one point in my practice, I was not convinced that my diet had ANYTHING AT ALL to do with my level of spiritual attainment. While our guides suggested certain diets for Carmen and I over the years, we were reluctant to have them join this part of our day. It seemed so mundane and unimportant in the grand scheme of our life’s mission. After all, who cares what a guru or successful entrepreneur eats? Well, we found out that our diet is important. While many guides have different things to contribute to your culinary prowess, asking your guides to help you develop a healthy lifestyle is important. Body, mind, and spirit must all be in balance to achieve your highest potential. Consistency in all these areas is important.

So, we got kind of tired of working really hard, feeling like we were worn out, and wondering HOW MUCH LONGER CAN WE EVEN DO THIS….:’(

Then, we decided to do what our guides had asked and to incorporate their ideas and suggestions for our diet. Once we allowed them to help in this way, we quickly started finding more creative and health meals, reduced our grocery bill to 30% of what it was, started losing weight, having more energy, and even learned to cook some dishes without looking at the recipe more than once.

One of our mottos that forms our friendship was in the form of a bumper sticker on Carmen’s care when we first met. The sticker said:

“Love people and cook them tasty food.”

Love your guides. Let them cook you tasty food. And then leave them a little portion to show your appreciation for their inspiration.

Days Out

Any time that you go anywhere new, or set out on a new adventure, make sure that you include your guides and ask them to actively join the experience with you. This just makes everything so much more enriching…I can’t even. So let’s see how a typical ‘Day Out’ can become a fantastical journey with your guides.

First of all, it starts with planning. Your guides have some interesting knowledge that you need to take advantage of when you are planning. If you are feeling the urge to do something, then go do it. If you feel like you should not, then it is probably in your best interest that you don’t. Well, your guides have a say in your intuitive feelings, so when you are planning ask them about how you can make this experience the bee’s knees. Questions from traffic to possible mishaps are fair game. You may be surprised at what your guides find for you. Their inspiration can lead you to some unexpected places the more you work with them and dig around.

So you are ready to go? Well, hop in the car and get your guides pumped for this drive. When we go for a drive anywhere, we ask our guides to protect us, keep us from getting lost, and then we pump some tasty jams for everyone to party to. Other times, we just talk about life until we reach our destination. Like every other thing we do, we invite our guide to actively participate, and some of our best ideas and discoveries have been in the car on the way to events or vacations. They can use your excited and open energy to get across some amazing messages. Just pretend they are in the back seat, and listen to the comments from the peanut gallery.

If you are a fashionista, your guides can help you find deals, the perfect piece you have been missing from that table on your hallway, and add inspiration to your style. If you are going shopping for something, let your guides help you to find the destination. On the way, stay open to their direction. We have found some amazing stores because we happened to ‘look left’ on intuition…and BAM!!! Literally a store no one knows about that fits our lifestyle and budget to perfection.

When dating or hanging out with friends and peers, just pretend that your guides are there as well. In almost every interaction my mind is going thirty-miles a minute with commentary from my guides. I am a naturally opinionated person, but my guides also help me to practice patience and compassion. They know that is what I want to exude, so they help me to filter and restrain my thoughts. There are even times where my mind simply ‘goes blank’ when I am meant to listen to someone. I have a HUGE problem with listening and have for most of my life. After working with my guides to be a better helper and teacher to others, they have helped me to improve this fault through their intervention. Also, their commentary can be intense and hilarious. Their inspiration is a big help to me to get through difficult issues, tender subjects, or sometimes to have the confidence I need to speak freely and openly. Your guides are great to help you work on relationships. Just remember to ask them first…Is it even worth it? If not, trust them…and move on. They WILL steer you in the right direction.

Special Experience

Many forget that your past loved ones, or ancestors, have powerful messages and guidance for you as well. We take time to work with our ancestors and passed loved ones as much as possible. One amazing experience was when Carmen was trying to learn to crochet. She was very frustrated and I had no idea, being that I was in the other room working while she was playing with needles and yarn. She wanted so badly to be crafty like her grandmother. So, after hearing Carmen cry out in frustration a few times, I walked into the room to see what was up. As I was doing readings, my channels were wide open, and I was feeling a very compassionate and mentoring energy. I began to help Carmen and took up another needle.

Suddenly, I was talking like I had been a crochet pro for years, and to Carmen’s amazement and my own, I crocheted her a flower. This flower was a gift from her grandmother and by allowing myself to remain open during this moment, and by mirroring her love and desire to teach, Carmen was given a lesson and a great gift.

While many gifts from spirit are not this tangible, incorporating your guides into your daily life is very important to learning their messages. We hope you will try some of our examples and share your experiences with us.

Love and Light, and blessed be on your journeys with your guides!!!


The Truth about Vampyre Companions!

Red lips close-up, make up dripping

Vampires have been rampant in popular culture the past few years and as spirit conjurers we get requests about these entities all the time. So, lets dig our fangs into the lair of our Vampy friends, shall we?

What is a Vampire Spirit?

Simply put, a Vampire spirit is one that is sources energy emitted by living beings to help them connect with the earthen realms. This puts them at a unique advantage to other spirits because they can gather large quantities of energy for manifestation than other types of spirits.

Are Vampires dark arts entities, or demonic entities?

Vampires may or may not be connected to a higher power. In our definitions, most Vampires would be considered ‘grey arts’ or ‘black arts’. Vampires are not demonic entities, however. They are simple spirits that draw energy from living beings. Demons are in their own class altogether, while most demons can use vampirism to siphon energy from their surroundings. The difference is that demons do not need these energy, Vampires do.

What types of vampires are there?

Since any being that needs energy is considered a vampire spirit, there can be many types of vampiric spirit. Most entities that are vampiric manifest as humanoid beings to the subconscious. Since they are constantly absorbing energy, they are constantly learning and developing, and can retain vast amounts of experience and knowledge. We can lump most types of vampire spirits into the following categories:

  • Sanguine
  • Psychic
  • Herbal
  • Photosynthetic
  • Tantra

These categories group vamps together that feed off of a similar type of energy. Usually the energy they need says a lot about their

Sanguine Vampires

Sanguine Vamps awaken a primal state in their keepers, and often bring them to a more ‘primitive’ space at times, getting them QUITE in touch with their humanity. They are also some of the best at glamouring and can help you straddle the line between classy and evoking.

Energy They Use: Vital Energy; Mostly connected to Root Chakra

Where do they get it: These energies are emitted when living beings are sick, ill, waking up, exerting themselves, engaged in sexual activity; referred to as sanguine because vital energy is said to be stored in the blood

Effect for Keeper: Most sanguine vamps help to boost physical energy, increase stamina, increase allure, awaken hidden desires or expose truths about your carnal human self.

Arts Range: Grey to Black

Psychic Vampires

Psychic Vamps can give you headaches and can cause some rough and tumble feelings at first because they ‘plug in’ to you differently. If they are contractually bound as ours are, they cannot hurt you or your loved ones, but will push you to be in public more often so that they can feed on the crowded energy.

Energy They Use: Mental Energy, Creative Energy, Thoughtful Energy, Philosophical Energy, Emotional Energy; Connected to Higher Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown Chakras (also Universal, Galactic Chakras in 12 Chakra System)

Effect for Keeper: Psychic vampires can enhance focus, boost creativity, imagination, and drive. They are also helpful with raising energy for ritual and for programming energy with a varying degree of vibrations. In many cases these vampyres can help you to understand what others are thinking or even tell you their exact thoughts by absorbing a little of their energy. They can do this with energy from the bodily chakras as well and help to preform wellness checks if they are asked to. These vampyres may sometimes be employed for revenge to drain the mental energy and focus of another person. They tend to be stern and calculated but kind in offering their advice and opinions.

Where do they get it: These vamps absorb their energy from mental and emotional processes. Different types of psy vamps use different types of mental energy to do their greatest work. Most of their energy vampirism is passive unless they are specifically targeting someone’s mental energy.

Arts Range:  Mostly Grey; Black

Herbal Vampires

Herbal Vampires are able to draw out the energy from plants and can pay it forward to you. If you donate to them a plant that you have plucked, look up “ ___ symbolism” using that plant’s name. You will be getting an extra rush of that energy until next feeding.

Energy They Use: Energy emitted by plant life

Where do they get it?: Plants and Photosynthetic Microorganisms

Effect for Keeper: Extreme Energy Boosters, Grounding Effect, Centering Effect, Communion with nature; adept with showing and teaching the flow of energy in environments; great for gardening and growing things.

Arts Range:  Grey

Photosynthetic Vampires

Photosynthetic Vampires are likely to keep you outside a lot. They will offer you an abundance of energy at their ‘charging time’ of day. If they are moon drinkers, you will be quite a night owl. If they are sun-soakers, you’ll be hiking, tanning, and walking all over the place. They are energizing and bring a great and healthy energy to you. They can still be dark in demeanor but usually get their energy from the sun or a lack thereof. They are radiant and are easier to sense, usually at a medium to high vibration.

Energy They Use:  Solar energy

Where do they get it: From the sun or artificial light; heated environments, physical activity

Effect for Keeper: Boost of energy, affinity for the outdoors, positivity, change of outlook on life; extremely helpful for overcoming depression and addiction.

Arts Range: Light to Grey

Tantric Vampires

Tantra Vampires are the variety you either love or would never interact with. They will raise your sex drive, improve your motor function, and will encourage you in the realms of love, romance, and inventive sexual positions. They will also embellish your creative skills, make you more fun to party with, and draw you more desirable partners.


Energy They Use: Sexual energy, sensual energy, flirty energy

Where do they get it: Through sexual activity, erotic action; fantasy and fetish behaviors

Effect for Keeper: Very stimulating, sensitive to the senses; can make some people dramatic, increase sexual appetite and appeal, help to build rapport and mesmerize people

Arts Range: Grey to Dark

– Sanguine Vamps awaken a primal state in their keepers, and often bring them to a more ‘primitive’ space at times, getting them QUITE in touch with their humanity. They are also some of the best at glamouring and can help you straddle the line between classy and evoking.


Russian Dhampir Custom Conjure

-Psy Vamps can give you headaches and can cause some rough and tumble feelings at first because they ‘plug in’ to you differently. If they are contractually bound as ours are, they cannot hurt you or your loved ones, but will push you to be in public more often so that they can feed on the crowded energy.


French Baroque Vampyre Custom Conjure

-Herbal Vampyres are able to draw out the energy from plants and can pay it forward to you. If you donate to them a plant that you have plucked, look up ___ symbolism using that plant’s name. You will be getting an extra rush of that energy until next feeding.


Gardenia Goddess Prime Custom Conjure

-Photosynthetic Vampyres are likely to keep you outside a lot. They will offer you an abundance of energy at their ‘charging time’ of day. If they are moon drinkers, you will be quite a night owl. If they are sun-soakers, you’ll be hiking, tanning, and walking all over the place. They are energizing and bring a great and healthy energy to you. They can still be dark in demeanor but usually get their energy from the sun or a lack thereof. They are radiant and are easier to sense, usually at a medium to high vibration.


-Tantra Vampyres are the variety you either love or would never interact with. They will raise your sex drive, improve your motor function, and will encourage you in the realms of love, romance, and inventive sexual positions. They will also embellish your creative skills, make you more fun to party with, and draw you more desirable partners.


Dinah Regalia Vampyre Custom Conjure





2 Major Myths in the Metaphysical!


The Witching Hour – 12.05 pm

Listening to: SuperLove – CharliXCX

Let’s cut straight to the chase. There are two major myths in the metaphysics that simply MUST be busted:

I. Someone can take your powers/abilities/skills from you with metaphysics or magick.

II. If a malicious person knows their name, someone can steal away your spirit companion.

These are -lies- and should be confronted as such. Those who utter such lies are bullies using their knowledge of magick and their haughty attitude to strike fear into innocent people who are honing their craft.

The two of us have been running around in spiritual circles for quite a while. We have our own personal practice and we practice with other pagans, spiritualists, and gurus to further our journey to self-discovery and connection with the divine forces that govern our little part of creation. One thing that all of these people seem to agree on a few points:

  • You are a divinely created or powerful being.
  • You are capable of anything you put your mind to.
  • Take actions that are unifying and truth seeking; do no harm.
  • Spiritual practice is meant to be empowering and should help you to spread and live the truths you discover through your practice.

These fundamental tenants of spiritualism allow us to unite and connect with a variety of opinions and points of view. I like to say “The truth is in the mouths of many”, meaning that the whole truthful picture can only be discerned through the shared experiences of all people and beings.  With this in mind, let’s get to the topic of this blog post…

No one can take your power away from you.

Over the years we have received many threats from other witches and spiritual practitioners who believe they are capable of subduing the abilities of others. Within our community this breeds fear and concern. If we really are ‘all powerful’ and ‘capable of manifesting our desires’, doesn’t that mean that someone could manifest great evil against us?

Yes it does.

However, your power is in your ability to take your system of belief and use it to resist those who do not behave or act morally or ethically. You power is in your ability to seek the truth and use the lessons you find along the way to grow and influence your world. Ultimately, you want to leave it in a better condition that you left it, right? Your contribution and mark is important. No one can stop you from doing this if you do not let them.

Now, let’s apply this concept to some questions we have received that involve spirit keeping/spirit companionship, and psychic ability.

Power of Names in Spirituality

The first worry of many keepers/companions is that their spirits companions or guides may be ‘taken away’. The reason most cite for this possibility is the fact that knowing a spirits ‘name’ gives it power. This is absolutely not true. No one can use magic to steal your guide from you.

This is based off of the ancient belief that a name has summoning power for every spiritual being. In ancient Greece, the names of deities became prayers to invoke that same deity. This is why phrases such as “Oh, God!” became commonplace in many languages in cultures. It wasn’t a lament… It was a plea.

Since then, we have come to realize however that a name does not hold as much power over those who are not expressly divine. A name works for them much the way it does for us.

The brief history behind this concept, basically, is that names are an invocation of an energy. Think about it…why is it frowned upon to call ‘God’s name in vain’? Supposedly you are ‘invoking’ the presence of this energy. If you call it forth, you may as well be ready to make some use of it. That is a pretty decent concept to think about. I agree that…yes….you should make sure that you are honoring your creative force or matron/patron. However, universal forces surround you at all times. They are ubiquitous and surrounding you. They act in every experience of your life, whether it be to a great degree, or a small one. Part of your personal power is tapping into this energy and following its flow.

In certain Wiccan traditions as well, when you enter a coven, you are measured and inducted upon your ‘spiritual name’ or a ‘magic name’ that you choose or find through your practice. The chord that is used to take your measure will be used against you, along with your magic name, if you betray the coven. To us, this is a very sacred practice. This is powerful magic, but it is not based simply upon the chord that is representative of your physical form (akin to a voodoo doll) and the knowledge of your spiritual name. In ritual, these items were consecrated as part of a covenant. If you break that covenant, so mote it be. Any spiritual forces that were called to protect or help the group may refuse to associate themselves with you afterwards, and there may be a ritual to petition these powers to acknowledge your transgressions. But, if you have done no harm and no wrong, these powers are not going to touch you and may still be available to you. If you break no covenants, your ‘name’ is ‘in the clear’. Who has the power in this situations? You do. All interactions with spirit are relationships and there is a flow of give and take. Nothing can be taken from you if you take nothing you are not entitled to.

Since deities are omnipresent, they are available to hear your call 24/7. With spiritual beings, knowing their name is the same as knowing your best friend’s name. Calling out to them could produce many results. They may turn, they may come to you, or they may ignore you for their current task, or you may be too far away to hear. If you have a unique bond and relationship to a spirit companion or guide, then your relationship and bond is unique. Even if someone knows the name of your spirit, they will not command it, just as someone who knows your name cannot command you. If someone threatens you with magic against your guides or you because of your name….just tell them this…

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

There is no power in a name besides acknowledgement and association. Here, the matter is with whom you associate, not who is against you. Empower yourself by being surrounded by people who believe in self-improvement, self-empowerment, and who seek to use those skills to help others.

Taking Your Abilities

Now, Now…

If I had a dollar for every time someone was going to:

  • Shut my third-eye off permanently.
  • Curse me for eternity. (With whatever…you name it.)
  • Ruin my business with a revenge spell.
  • Render me loveless and alone forever.
  • Make me and my loved ones ill.

I would be so wealthy….

I would own everything….

And I would share with everyone…

So that no one ever had to feel fear toward any of the above.

Unfortunately, all negativity does is show where improvement is needed. While that is profitable for me…unfortunately, none of these people put money into my dream jar. That is because they DO NOT HAVE any.

Now that may seem a little rude, but I am not trying to say that negative people are broke…or that they don’t pay me so I don’t want to help. Not it at all. What I AM saying is that people who threaten these kinds of things are SPIRITUALLY BROKEN, and they need some serious healing. If someone threatens you with this kind of malarkey, please just take our advice and move on. The only way they will have power over you is if you waste your time worrying about them. If you are faithful in your practice and are responsible, kind, forward thinking, persevering, and take care to be self-preserving, you will live a long and happy life….Even after 300+ third-eye removing spells. Give spiritual threats a heavy sigh and say the following prayer:

“God bless its heart!”

Astral Travel Basics : The Temple Meditation


The spiritual temple meditation is created to help foster your connection with your higher self. This exercise helps you to use your imagination as a tool for unlocking the truths of your subconscious mind. When we are working with energy, spirits, or the divine, our messages are delivered through psychic means from the energy sent to us from these sources. This practice helps to give a physical representation to that energy, and opens the message of that energy to conscious interpretation. With continued practice, this meditation will help you to develop your intuition, help you to speak with your guides, and allows you to create a safe place to gain clarity whenever you need it.

Spiritual Temple Meditation

Start this meditation by making sure you are in a quiet and calm area where you will not be disturbed. Give yourself time to work on this meditation and progress at your own pace. Do not force the visions you want to see, but observe them as they present themselves from your subconscious.

  • Make sure you are grounded, centered, and shielded.
  • Begin by aligning and energizing the chakras.
    1. This serves to align your connection with your spirit and increase your vibrations, bringing you to a heightened awareness that will allow you to gather more spiritual sensory information through your intuition.
  • After these steps, start this meditation by imagining that you are floating in complete darkness.
    1. In this darkness focus your intention on journeying to find your spirit.
  • Begin to walk forward, feel that there is solid ground beneath you and start to feel it become more present and solid as you walk forward.
  • As you begin to feel the ground become more solid, focus now on the darkness before you and see a spot of white light in the distance.
  • Keep walking towards the white light, and watch as it becomes a larger and larger circle until you pass between the darkness into the light.
  • Continue to walk forward, feeling the same solid ground and acknowledging that the light is not indeed solid, but occurs in bright streams.
  • Look between these streams of white light and see the shapes and pictures between the bright streams.
  • Keep walking and watching as the streams become more and more thin and see how a clear picture forms of the world of spirit you are now entering.
  • When you can see the world you are in clearly manifest, you will notice that you are walking straight up behind a spirit.
    1. This is your spirit.
  • Observe the features of this spirit.
    1. What does it feel like?
    2. What is it doing?
    3. What is it wearing?
  • You can observe your spirit as it acts, from this third person perspective, or you may step into it and experience this new realm as your spirit in first person.
    1. Either is an equally acceptable view point.
  • Notice how the vibrations of your higher self-feel, walk around your environment. This is your spiritual happy place and the dwelling place of your spirit in your subconscious mind.
  • Journal your experiences and feelings and the surroundings.
  • If you wish to go further, look for other spirits in this realm, these are your spiritual guardians.
    1. What do they look like?
    2. How do they interact with you and their environment?
    3. Are they happy to see you?
    4. Ask them questions and record their answers!!!
  • Use this meditation to begin to build an understanding of the energies of your spirit and the guardians around you.
  • When you wish to ask questions of spirit, come to this space. It is a space of communion and safety.